Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Looking Back at 2015

Well where do I start,I've varied my fishing again this year from Carp on the canal too a not so good 
River season.My Perch campaign hasn't seen any bigger perch than 1-4 but I've really enjoyed it
And will carry on till March .Now Chris has done well with his roach fishing especially the cracker he
Scored on the river to the ones he's been catching of late to 1.9 lb and I'm sure that 2 will come before
I don't see him for months as he rides that damn motorbike Ha Ha (sorry Chris).
A sweet catch in a new area.
My favourite considering I'd put time in on this area.
My first Barbel of the season 9.5
My best of 3 barbel that night 10.4 my first Double.
Well as we approach 2016 I'd like to wish all bloggers a happy new year and hope it's full
Of great memories.
Tight Lines see ya next year .

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Blustery Day 28-12-15

So myself and Chris headed to our no 1 water In search of big roach 
And perch.Chris occupied the first peg under his bivvy roach carpin
Style where as I sat on my chair getting in the xmas spirit.
 It would be 9-15 and my first positive bite , a Roach.
Chris was catching slowly with a few bream , then at 10am I had my first perch.
I was now hoping for a feeding frenzy as 
They usually feed up till lunch.
It didn't happen as my bobbin never moved .Chris was now catching a few roach to over a pound but this north easterly was putting the fish off definitely in my swim .
Still overcast and the perch were not playing, small fish were messing with my lobs and it was 1pm and I was hoping for a feeding spell as the wind changed and things were looking more positive.Chris was catching slowly again , but waiting over an hour without a bite.
3-30 pm and I was getting more indications, was it going to happen before dark , it didn't .It was a hard days fishing , Chris had 4 roach over s pond and s few bream to 3 lb , well done .
Till the next time .

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Float & Feeder 23 -12-15

A Great Roach from Chris from a couple of sessions ago,Glad your feeling better Mate.
Perch from my last session.
Todays session would see me fish two methods for a change rather than sit behind Alarms.
I would fish the float feeding maggot little and often and feeder after 12 for a few hours then
Back to the float rod till dark .I started of in a different swim further down the lake next to a
Sunken tree,trickling maggots over the float which I fished half a Lob.
There was a lot of ripple on the water
 and at times it was difficult to see any bites.
It took nearly two hours to get my first bite,a small perch.It would be 11am when my first real bite and after putting up a short fight this a Perch hit the net.
1.3 lb worth waiting for .
Chris turned up at lunch just as I was setting my feeder rod up,Small maggot feeder fished helicopter.
Chris was struggling early on and I'd had a couple of lovely roach and a Skimmer
Then Chris started to get bites but they all bumped off.By now I'd netted a Gudgeon and a couple more Roach.

Chris was steadily catching now and seemed to have a pike snatch a fish and put a bend in his rod.
At 3pm I went back on the float hoping to land another perch or two,as the light faded it looked like it wasn't going to
and it didn't .
Tight lines Bloggers and Merry Christmas from 777

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Maybe Time To Move On . 20-12-15

Well with Chris not well I was off to No 1 
Water.I knew where I was going to fish
With usual tactics ledger rods in the morning, then around lunchtime float fish.
it was around 8-30 I was getting lots of indications and at around 9-30 I had my first perch of around a 1 LB.
At 10 am it went all Pete tong I had a single bleep then my bobbin shot up fish on, I'd left my net on the other side of my pod and I was trying to get it and it came off, Wasn't chuffed .
I went on the float rod for an hour and only managed an Tommy Ruffe.
Like big Lob these Tommy,s
It was fairly overcast for most of the day and the sun shone briefly .It was getting 
Difficult to present the float in the chop of water so I went back on the ledger rods.
I managed another bite at 2-30 but it came off .I stayed till dark without a bite 
And packed up as the rain stopped . 
I will update pics in the next blog. I'm not 100 percent convinced this water will produce and fancy trying elsewhere
Till the next time .

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Bitterly Cold 13 December 15

Back out on our no 1 water myself and Chris were out again for Perch & Roach.
I still havnt got any Lobs so today would
See me fish a worm maggot cocktail on
the float rod and a Prawn on the ledger
As usual Chris was catching from the start with lovely roach and some nice bream.I was struggling on the float
Very finicky bites that would see me catch only 3 small perch, Chris had managed a few Roach to a pound.
At lunchtime I put the float rod away and fished my other ledger rod with worm and maggot cocktail, this would see me catch another perch, but not of any size.
It was an overcast day with drizzle in the afternoon and a very cold wind.Chris maintained his catching throughout 
The day until it slowed down,my prawn rod remained untouched all day.Chris managed late on to catch a 1-9 Roach
Well done sir.
It was just one of those days I think the bigger perch were chasing fry instead of feeding .Im also beginning to doubt if there is any bigger perch in here.

Not massive but on a cold day you can't complain.Hopefully come this weekend with temps rising and Lobs in my possession I can tempt the bigger Perch.
Till the next time .

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Maggot & castor 6-12-15

Well with No1 water being closed I ventured out too a new water I hadn't fished before.Upon arrival I chose a swim
One rod close in, one rod cast to a feature.Wasnt long before the heavens opened ,I'd left the umbrella in the van 
I nipped and got it and it was an hour before it cleared up .Now the bad part
Most off my lobs were dead but I managed to salvage a few , which I may add were not enough for a full day.After sitting it out till 12, with a few false beeps and pulls I decided to drop in the swim next door and float fish, this is where the maggots and castors came into play.
I could of kicked myself as I'd forgotten to fetch the prawns, which I was going to try out.As the rest off the day went by I managed 5 Rudd and 5 perch, nothing off any size.There was plenty off bigger perch smashing fry throughout the day.
not a good day really, forgotten bait
Dead lobs, thank god for the maggots & Castors.Till the next time Bloggers.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Stormy Sunday 29-11-15


So with the weather forecasted to be rain and 50 MPH winds and the only day to get out fishing me and Chris headed back to our No 1 water with Perch and roach in mind.
We both got set up and Chris was catching roach from the off, the odd shower came and went but the wind was blustery at times and looked like it was in for the day as predicted .My day wasn't going so well a branch fell and wiped my rod out and Chris was catching well.
It would be 11-30 before my first perch hit the net.
Not massive but a welcome bite.
Chris was getting a mixed bag now off roach and skimmers.
As the morning came and went Chris had caught 4 roach between 1 lb 3 & 1 lb 6.

1lb 3.
Then disaster struck my brolly shelter had the pegs ripped out, so after tidying the mess up I joined Chris in his swim and got under his Bivvy.Chris was catching more roach , then a 1 Lb 7 hit the net, 5 over a pound , what a session.At about 3 pm Chris had his sixth roach and his biggest 1 lb 9 and it was a cracker.
Well done to Chris an awesome session mate really pleased for you.Wont be long before that magic
2 lb roach hits the net.
Tight lines,Till the next time .

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Turning colder 22-11-15

Well after last weeks blank on a different water,me and Chris were back on our usual water.We chose our pegs and Chris was fishing the slider for roach and I was fishing two rods with Lobs .
The morning started off with some light drizzle and a nip in the air.
It was starting to brighten up and soon the sun came out and warmed us up.The perch were having a feeding frenzy early doors , I was getting indications and nothing positive.Chris was struggling in his peg.At about 12-30 I decided to reel in my margin rod and get the float rod out.
I was getting fry shy timid bites and missed a few.Typical you look away and the float dips.Finally my float sailed away.
Not massive but very welcome on a tough day where bites were few and far finicky than usual.
Chris struggled today, this water tends to switch off as it gets colder.
In the afternoon the temperature dropped and it was cold, we stayed half hour into dark .This water is far more difficult for perch, my PB came from here last year 
And I don't doubt there's a few more in this water, but not in big numbers.Looks like a switch back to the other water next week or maybe a chub session . Till the next time, temps rising again during the week and more rain to come, so next weekend could see us on a river or Stillwater .

Sunday, 8 November 2015

New Perch Water 8-11-15

My Tench I caught on the previous Blog.
So today I would be on my own as Chris was watching the Rugby (Boring ).Anyway I had to fish a new water due to my other water being closed.I managed to get set up and back under the shelter as the first downpour came down.I decided to fish this water in a similar style,one rod close the other just 3 rod lengths out.As the morning came to a close,not a beep,I was trickling maggots in every 20 minutes.
Then an unexpected visitor from nowhere,how's it going he said ,oh here we go I thought,after a brief chat that I was wasting my time fishing for perch as there all dead and there's only small ones in here,your best elsewhere.I quickly changed the subject and he went on his way and I could get on with my fishing.Heard it all before,seems funny I walked the water and had seen Big Perch hammering Fry,so either he was trying to put me off ,well he hasn't.
At 2 pm I decided to move the rods and fish down the edge.At 2-30 my bobbin rose steadily and stopped,cmon I thought,then nothing.My only action of a tough day and I got soaked packing up.
Will I be back,well I won't be put off.
Tight lines bloggers,Till the Next Time.

Thursday, 5 November 2015


Today saw myself and Chris get out together , it's been a while.Chris mentioned about fishing two different waters , so the plan was pack up at 12 and head to water No2.
The morning started off well for Chris catching a steady amount of Bream to Just over 4 LB. I wasn't fairing so good so when Chris had both rods go at once I was over to assist.
Chris with a nice Bream.
My capture on Chris other rod.
As the morning progressed I managed my first perch, followed by a smaller perch.
The morning was bright and warm, Chris was catching all morning, I suggested we stay but Chris said let's stick to our plan .
When we arrived there was lots of activity in my swim, bobbins were twitching, I had few false pulls , either by smaller fish or I was done over by a Perch.
By early afternoon the temp rose and it was quite warm but overcast.Chris was still catching and even tho I was trickling the maggots in, no joy.
Then as the light level dropped , a slow rise on the bobbin and fish on, I thought if was a decent perch till it hit the net.
It was a tench , only small but was surprised.No further action as we fished into dark, Till the next Time .

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Perfect for Perch 18-10-15

Today saw me get out for my first perch session .It wasn't goin to be an early start as I've a cold and thought I'd go a bit later as this water doesn't seem to have a feeding window for the perch.
Upon arrival I had a quick look at some pegs I'd fished before,but decided against it as the margins had green algae.I headed over to the other side of the lake to get out of the wind.Today would see me fish two rods,one on alarm,the other centre pin and match rod.
To my right I had a tree with low branches which looked a good area,so that's where I fished the pin,too my left I fished the other rod.Red maggots and chopped lobs would be my feed ,and a lob on both rods.As the morning progressed my float was sailing away and my alarm rod on several occasions,with no fish banked.I decided to change tactics,half a lob on each rod.
My first bite came to the alarm rod,a small perch .My float rod sailed away not long after,to what I thought was a small perch,it wasn't ,it was a Ruffe.
The weather today was warm considering a nice right to left breeze across the lake ,I was nice and sheltered by the trees.It wasn't long before my first decent perch,the bobbin rose steadily ,then dropped back,perch on.
1.2 fell to the alarm rod ,never saw the leaf .
I was getting more indications as the day went by,then a good sail away on the float and another decent sized perch .
I managed 4 more smaller perch and a nice Rudd on the pin which was fun.Then my alarm rod roared off,thought it was a bigger perch ,no such look.
A nice roach just over a pound .Hopefully next time I can get back on the other water.
Can't forget the tommy Ruffe .till the next time Bloggers .

Monday, 12 October 2015

Jumbles resovoir 12-10-15

Myself and Eddie decided to have one last feeder session at Jumbles.eddie winning the previous 3 Trips he was brimming with confidence texting me saying see you at 7-45 expect another drubbing.
The mix we would've using , ready to be riddled, Brown crumb and Bread crumb mixed 50/50.
As I was putting my fourth feeder out Eddie was into a roach and kept telling me it was 1-0 to him.As the morning 
Progressed it seemed we were only goin to catch roach .
The res was lower than our last session
One minute is was overcast, and like a mill pond , then some sun and a light breeze,and the roach kept coming, until
The bream came to my swim.
I managed 4 nice bream to eddies one.
During the course of the day I had pike trouble,I managed to get in two damaged roach, I was bitten off and lost a decent bream to a big pike.The highlight of the day was as I was bringing in a small Roach a pike launched itself out of the water and missed it.
As the afternoon wore on the boats were out and even the speedboat couldn't get the waves going to help them out, it was 
Too calm.
As the day was coming to a close it was a close call, but remember I was going to get a drubbing by Eddie, there was only a couple of fish in it , Eddie levelled the scores 17-17, would it be enough for a draw, unlucky mate it wasn't.
Browny  21 Brocky 17.
I finished the day with 16 Roach, 1 perch and 4 Bream.Eddie had 15 Roach, a perch and a bream.
An enjoyable day, nice to get out ,thanks Eddie .

Till the tip pulls round , Tight Lines bloggers .

Monday, 5 October 2015

Dinsmore Powerdrive banks stick review

As you can see In an earlier blog I mentioned about getting them out on the bank for testing .
I opted for the four foot ones which extend up to 6 foot , so whatever the situation your covered .There really strong and solid once screwed in to the bank.They come with a bar to help twist them in .
Here I have them twisted into a sandy stoney  bank, no problem.
As you can see this is mainly a sandy gravel bottom , and the stones behind the stick are not holding it in anyway .
My overall impression of them is they are going to do what I bought them for
Solid and reliable in any surface.
tight lines, till the next time .

Sunday, 27 September 2015

3 Foot Twitches 25 September 2015

Well with my van sorted and my last river session ended in disaster with the river being out of soughts
With weed being the main problem I headed back up there Friday night knowing that the traffic on the way up there would see me not having long to set up and get the rods out before Darkness Falls.
I arrived at my swim ,I fished one rod on pellet and feeder,the other on a bomb,bag and a boillie.
It was round about 7-30 I had a vicious rap on my boillie rod.At 8 pm I re cast both rods and waited.
At around 8-30 I had a vicious 3 foot twitch,fish on ......
Just a splasher,a fish I've caught a few times,look at the tail,fell to Boillie.
I had too wait till about 9 pm for my next bite,another vicious pull round,fish on.
A lot bigger than my last one,fell to Pellet.
As I was re casting my rod due to catching,I re cast both rods to get some more bait out there.
It was round about 9-45 I had the most vicious take of them all,nearly pulled my rod in,after some fantastic runs,I netted her at the second attempt,I turned my torch on to look in the net and thought,it's a double or was it a usual 9 plus that I'd been catching.
10.4 and a new PB,well chuffed.
I packed up at 11-15 as the river was dropping and as I hadn't any more action I thought,can't get any better than my first Ribble  Double ,so I headed home,straight into roadworks that took an hour to get through,wasn't well pleased.
Tight lines bloggers,till the next time.........

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Spooling up my Reels For Perch

I decided to re spool my reels for my perch fishing.Last season I was using Diawa Sensor in 6 Lb
Which don't get me wrong it's a great all round line , strong and very reliable , and as the old saying goes if it ain't broke don't fix it .
I was after a casting line, so being impressed with spider wire braid when I was lure fishing in America last year I decided to try the Spiderwire EZ Mono in 
Lo Vis Green, easy casting, strong and lo stretch.
Soaked for a couple of hours in water.
Spools backed, and tape wrapped round old line .
All spooled up, great line lay.
The box , 220 yards , with backing my spools equally I got 110 yards on each 
Which is plenty, why waste line, doesn't make sense putting 220 yards on each spool. 
Tight lines Bloggers 

Friday, 11 September 2015

Brocky Does The Treble.11-9-15

After the fortnight I've had with work , my van and a waste of space garage I got 
Out with Eddie today on jumbles again.
The last two sessions have seen Eddie 
Win both sessions.We decided to try a different area this time , but after 30 mins we moved to where we fished last weekend . 
The weather was a mixed bag today , sunny and cloudy at times with the chop on the water blowing the opposite way to our last session.The fishing was slow with me catching perch and Eddie catching roach.
Eddie chucking out on the spot.
The scores were pretty close all day with me leading way with just perch.
Eddie topped up his swim with a few more feeders, and this brought the bream to his swim .
Another bream for Eddie saw him take the lead as a few more came to the net.
I had a chance to level but I bumped off
A couple of roach . 
It looked liked Eddie was going to do the treble over me, a few roach and eddies lead was 2 in front and the score was 15 -13 for Eddie .
Really enjoyed these sessions and will
Be back .
Brocky 3 Browny 0
A great day out , till the next session river bound , can't wait.