Sunday, 30 August 2015

A Day On The Resovoir 29-8-15

I mentioned to Eddie if he fancied a days fishing on Jumbles Resovoir in Bolton, so Eddie picked up the day tickets, I got the bait and off we went. We decided to fish of the wall area , quite convineient for parking, the water was down by at least 7 ft . The tactics today would be simple old school feeder fishing, maggot, caster and worms with a ground bait feeder.
The view we had on an overcast day, plenty chop on the water . We both clipped up to our spots and put a few feeders out, then we started.
As Eddie isn't used to this style of fishing
It was turning out to be a slow start for him with one perch , and I was in the lead by 4-1. As the morning wore on the rain arrived .
It didn't last long and I couldn't work out if Eddie was playing golf or fishing.
The rain didn't last long and we were both catching again, missing plenty of bites and I dropped a bite at what should of been 13-8, reminder use net to land small roach , score now 12-9. Losing that cushion now over Eddie .as the day wore on , I was missing bites and Eddie was catching roach on the drop now, we now had a new leader, Eddie .Eddie managed to lose two good bream during the course of the day.
The final score was Eddie 18 me 14
I managed 4 bream, 9 roach and a perch
It was great to get out and fish with Eddie
An enjoyable day that we soon will be back again for another go at those bream.

Waiting for a pull. Till the next time .

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Dinsmore Powerdrive Banksticks

Been a while since i bought any new tackle and after my last river session I decided my old diawa mission storm poles had finally seen better a trip to fishing republic saw me get the 4 ft 
Extending Dinsmore sticks with Auger spikes that should have no problem driving into any difficult river bank .
4 ft long extending to 6 foot.
Cam locks .
Auger spikes, they come with a small bar to twist them into the ground.Will post a picture on my next session .

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Canal Barge

Well after last nights torrid time on a rising river I thought I'd share these pictures I took of a canal barge being removed from the canal with a crane,interesting watch.
Re adjusting the straps .
Tight lines ,till my next outing .

Monday, 10 August 2015

Low River 8-8-15

I headed up to the river Saturday night feeling should I have gone fishing for something else.We have had a mixed summer,lovely evenings,poor rainy weather at weekends,so unpredictable .Id made my mind up where I was going and fancied 3 areas where I was hoping there would be a few bites after my previous session was a blank.
Usual method ,light lead,bag ,pellet and boilie.I was getting some knocks and plucks on my right hand rod ,this brought back my enthusiasm .The margins were alive with minnows ,dispersing like a shoal under threat from small perch,lovely to watch on what was a lovely evening.
It would be 8 pm before my first bite,yes my right hand rod roared off.
A nice Chub to get me off the mark.....
I was now getting indications on my left hand rod .As time ticked away I recast both rods,both showing indications of fish in the area.It wasn't until later on,I made a longer cast downstream and within minutes,and a good fight for such a small fish.
Not a monster,but a welcome Barbel.Tight Lines a Bloggers Till the next time,we need some Rain.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Nash Nomad Chair Conversion

I've owned two Nash Nomad chairs,only trouble with them is the groove they sit in is plastic and vulnerable to snap.Well on the river the other night another snapped,so I decided to see if the seat would fit a Nash indulgence I had,which the cushion and seat cover had been eaten by mice.anyway after about 15 mins of taking them apart,the seat on my Nomad fits perfect on the indulgence.
Happy days the Nomad Indulgence.........

Saturday, 1 August 2015

River Roach 31-7-15

So me and Chris headed to the river and we fished below where we fished last time.With all the rain we had this week saw the levels rise then drop to a slightly higher level than last week.
Last week we mentioned while the river was low fishing a feeder rod with lighter gear would be great to catch other species.
My tactics were simple,barbel and chub and Chris decided to fish a single barbel rod and a feeder rod.Anyway my session saw four twitches, over to Chris....
Chris was fishing a small feeder with black ground sit and a few offerings of corn, it wasn't long before he was into a small roach and a chub , it was his next bite that provided the icing on the cake and his favourite fish, The Roach and what a cracker and a new PB.
1 lb 10 oz of absolutely stunning river roach, well done mate, after all the knocks he was getting he caught an eel in to darkness on pellet.Till The NextTime  Bloggers.