Sunday, 25 September 2016

Bogs Classic High Wellingtons Review

After buying my first pair of Bogs 4 years ago I was due a new pair. I bought mine in Michigan USA .So online to find a stockist in the uk that sell them and I settled on the Classic High style, these have a support arch, neoprene like my others and good to -40 degrees, now I have been in Canada and the states in sub zero temps of which these boots were probably aimed at, and the last 4 winters here they have kept  my feet warm and toasty . They are more of a winter boot but in the summer they are fine with the right socks.
On the left my new ones which I wore yesterday, and on the right my old ones.
Nice grip on my new ones .
My older ones didn't have the grip.Overall these are a great boot whether your Fishing or walking .Ive tried normal boots for fishing put prefer Wellington style boots.They are Fully Waterproof.
Tight Lines , Till the next Blog 

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Lymn Dam 24-9-16

Well it's been on the cards for a while a trip to Lymn Dam with Eddie for a days fishing the feeder.
Sign at end of Dam wall , its £5 for a day ticket or in eddies case being an OAP £2-50.we had a walk down and after seeing fish topping we decided to fish with our backs to the church.Now we would be fishing two different methods,
Eddie would be fishing a method feeder and boilie hook baits and pellet , and me old school cage feeder, maggots, dead maggots, castors ,worm and corn would be my hook baits .
My selection for the day on the feeder.
My Groundbait mix .I decided to fish at about 45 yards out, putting 5 big feeders out .It was slow all morning with just one knock for me .
My view, the tree in the centre was my marker . Eddie hadn't had a touch and  it was looking like a Blank.
Eddies Peg, nice solid pegs to fish 11 o clock and bite less , Eddie went  into Lymn to go and get us some meat and potato pies . While he was gone I decided to put another swim in at 20 yards, I put 5 feeders out , then the pies arrived .
Blooming gorgeous, I was starving , funny how my new swimn came to liife and I was into fish , I was getting plenty off action catching perch and roach.
Eddie was still blanking and I think he was phoning a friend for advice lol.By now I had caught 4 perch and 2 roach .
Eddie casting further out in search of a bite .we listened to Man Utd on the radio and decided at 3pm we would call it a day. I went back on my long line for 3 casts but no bream , so went back on the short line and was catching again and was into roach and Perch again.It proved to be a difficult day , Highlight were the Pies.Eddie using his modern baits failed and he blanked .I finished with 7 perch and 3 Roach .Not Prolific by any means .So the scores on the doors were Browny 10 Brocky 0.
View from the Dam wall, a big water and would go again, an enjoyable Day out.
Till the Next Time .

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Bad Day On The Res

Yesterday I decided to visit Jumbles for a days fishing on the tip rod.I decided to fish a swim called the pylon peg ,we used to fish years ago for pike.I started off casting 10 feeders full of Groundbait , maggot , corn and pellet out to my spot.
My marker was the buoy you can see in the picture. It wasn't long before I was into fish, but then a problem, there seemed to be a ledge or drop off where either the fish came off or on two occasions Mrs Pike Took them .
Clear bright conditions were not an ideal fishing day for me.
Another factor for me Is the clear water I've never known it to fish well.Anyways I managed my first fish a skimmer .
I decided now after losing so many fish I would put another swimn in . Same distance , but aim at the pylon as my marker, I put five feeder fulls out and waited , and waited , not a knock .
Pylon on far bank, after an hour I switched back to my other spot. The only time the water saw a ripple was off the slight breeze during the day. I did manage another fish later but I decided enough was enough and packed up.
I had one bite earlier on that resulted me reeling in 30 yards of line and a free feeder .
I'd always wanted to try this area, if the conditions had been better I think the fishing might have.The other side fishes a lot better, and in hindsight should off gone there.Anyway till the next time, nice to fish for something different, a nice break away from the barbel, For Now.
Tight Lines , Till I'm out again.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Random River Pics Part 2

Just a few more shots I've took on my phone whilst waiting for a bite on the River.

Rods High.
Black & White shot
Essential barbel Biscuits
Recently changed my line to wychwood DPF Flurocarbon Line. it's a Flurocarbon  
 coated line , lower diameter than subline, still in 12lb.Colour doesn't put me off , let's see how it performs .
Till The Next Time .

Monday, 12 September 2016

A Change Of Plans 11-9-16

Well I was supposed to be going bream fishing on a resovoir but that all changed at the last minute with various things getting in the way off me going,so off to the River for a spot off Barbel fishing yet again,Love them.I arrived at my swim at around 6-30 pm and a change of usual tactics due to it going dark earlier now.I decided to put out 4 good feeders full of my feeder mix on each rod,then rest the swim while I got my hook baits ready.Usual stuff really ,pellet on one,boillie on the other rod.So it was a case of cast another feeder full out on each rod,leave them and hope the fish are drawn up river to my spot.
Looking at the moon it looked good for a bite,a nice evening,blue skies,warm breeze and a nice ripple on the river with fish topping everywhere.The plan now was to cast again before dark and not recast till I was getting knocks or pulls on the rod tip.In day light hours I had one knock and what looked like a chub pull.The light was fading,darkness was nearly upon me and I waited in anticipation for that 3 ft twitch.
What a lovely setting and a beautiful sky line.Once it went dark,now bear with me I didn't log any times down ,but between 8-15 pm and 8-30 my left hand pellet rod roared off and after a good fight I had my first barbel in the net.
9.6 and what a belting start,really pleased with this one,put up a hell of a fight in low river conditions 
I had put the fish back and this is where it all went a bit Pete Tong.I had left my hook length I had removed from my first barbel and left it around the bank stick I use for self takes,so I removed a new hook length form my bag and was baiting it up,and I might add looking to my left not watching my rod
And oh my god it nearly flat lined,I hadn't set the clutch correctly,it was now on the floor and in all the commotion I managed to compose my self,fish still on.The barbel had other ideas and took me in a snag,which I can only describe as a boulder,I walked down river to try to slacken the line off and this may I say did the trick,as I was playing it towards the net,my line parted,fish off,I wasn't a happy man I tell ya.I decided to re make the rod,I checked the line and it was all rubbed up,I cut the damaged line and set up again and recast to the same spot.Within 5 minutes of that bait being in the water my rod ripped off and it lasted 40 seconds when the hook pulled ,I thought it was goin to be one of those nights,school boy stuff.Anyway I sat down poured a coffee,checked my hook,it was sharp as hell I recasted to the same spot and sat back reflecting on what the hell was going on.Within 10 minutes I was in again on the same rod,a short fight and another barbel graced the net.
A lovely looking barbel,now where's ya momma I chuckled.I recasted and sat back,it was a lovely evening and it wasn't even 9-30 pm yet and I had seen plenty off action already .I can't remember what time it was but not long after my left hand rod is off and another good fish,I kept glancing at my other rod which was now twitching and that rod was off too,luckily I had netted barbel no 3 ,and now I had a chub in the same net not that long after.I decided to take a picture of the chub while I rested the barbel in the net.
Not a big chub,but a lovely fish........
My last fish off the night.8.13 and what a session.This made up for the lost fish and was really pleased with how things turned out.Between 10-30 pm and 11-15 I had no further action so I called it a night 
And made the long walk back down river.
Till the Next Time...."........

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Friday Night Mixed Bag

Well looking at the weather Friday night seemed the best time to get out.I decided to fish a different stretch in a peg I've fished before ,I set off early to beat the traffic and as I neared Preston there had been an accident.I arrived in my peg around 6 pm and set about casting every 20 mins to get some bait down before dark.I fished pellet and boilie as per usual and once darkness arrived I wasn't going to cast until I'd had a bite.It was a nice evening ,quite warm actually sat in a long sleeve T shirt ,blue skies and little cloud cover.During day light hours I'd had two knocks ,fish were topping and I was looking forward to darkness.At around 9pm the temps dropped,a slight mist on the river and it went really damp,summers over,it's gone to quick if you ask me.I had a slow pull on my pellet rod ,then another has the rod hooped over,fish on.
Probably the smallest barbel I've ever caught .About half an hour later I managed a chub around 2 lb.
As the evening progressed and I didn't mention I had toothache,which was rather unpleasant and matched the fishing to be honest.I decided to stay until 11pm and pack up as I was going out of my mind with toothache.I recast both rods again at 10-30  sat back trying to nurse my pain away with a coffee,which wasn't helping but at least warmed me up as it was getting colder now and all of a sudden a slight pull,fish on,thought it was an eel at first,it wasn't .............
A nice Roach to end the night.All fish fell to pellet tonight and I think a change of fishing for a bit now and wait till the rivers are running at a decent level.To be honest I should of gone elsewhere,but I expected the other stretch to be busy.Tight Lines ,Till I'm Out Next,Bream I think .