Thursday, 25 February 2016

A Hard Frost 24-2-16

Myself and Chris decided to have a midweek session on the river.Im busy at work over the next few weekends so to get out was great.We chose our pegs and my tactics was maggot feeder and maggot hook bait .
Overcast and it wasn't long before I netted my first bite ,a Grayling.
Having a well deserved rest, boy these fish don't half fight .
Chris spent the first hour trotting and nothing to show for his efforts .I was getting plenty of knocks and managed  a trout and lost two fish.Chris was now on the tip and catching trout.We had only been there just over an hour when the snow came and the bites dried up so we moved.
This was swim no 4 now and we hadn't managed anymore fish, I had a few knocks and missed a bite so we moved again and decided this would be our last swim.
Today's treat for me .When we arrived at swim no 5 Chris was soon into trout and I managed another grayling .The river was clear the temps were up and down all day.Over the next two hours of daylight it was all trout for me and Chris
Considering the conditions I managed 2 Grayling and 6 Trout.Chris managed 8 trout and one grayling .We worked hard today but the bright conditions and maybe the snow put the dace and chub off .An enjoyable day to get out .
A beautiful view as the light was fading 
We fished into darkness.A long day but great to be out and we had a few laughs too.Tight Lines Bloggers,See ya Soon.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Valentine's Day Grayling

Finally got out with Chris on the river it's been a while since our last session .We chose our Pegs and what a bitterly cold northerly wind with bright blue skies,it was going to be a tough day I thought.
Rod out,maggot feeder with maggot on the hook, river had dropped about 5 foot from last week.It would take just over an hour before my first bite,a small grayling they don't half fight.Over the next hour I managed to lose 2 fish and bag 2 trout.
Chris decided to join me as nothing was happening,plenty room in this peg for two .At around 11-30 I had a good pull on the tip and a New PB Grayling hit the net .

1-15 well chuffed.
Lunch time and still no sign of any dark cloud cover or this bitterly wind easing I managed another couple of trout and Chris had been snapped at least twice.
Finally Chris managed a Grayling too and he wasn't blanking now , more relieved I think as he was under the weather and felt he couldn't get warm even though he had more layers on than a mountain climber.
Dark clouds, but they didn't stay.I managed a few mire trout and Chris bagged one too.Bites had dried up and it was even colder now, we decided on another half hour , then Chris had a good pull and said maybe stay till five as he played a nice Grayling to his net.
A PB as well 1-12 well Done mate.

Even the Tunnocks couldn't warm me up today .We caught no more, and was glad to be going home .Till the next Time .

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Shimano Purist Roll Mat

Well as I turned 51 on Friday it was nice to receive this mat for my Birthday .
It's 13 inches rolled up, nice and compact for either a bag or use clip to fix to your Quiver.
Opened up its 38 X 30 that's inches by the way , I'm old school.
Folded , just attach Velcro and roll, the perfect mat for the river or stalking .
Till the next Time .

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Other side Of The River

I I didn't fish last week so I decided to fish a different side of the river today, the opposite bank.Tactics would be one rod maggot feeder and maggot or lob hook bait .The river was carrying more water due to Saturday,s rainfall and I picked out a nice peg in a nice slack area .
Today's treats.
Typical I had a trout, followed by another and a roach in peg one.
The sun tried to appear with a nice blue sky, but it didn't last long before the cloud reappeared and the wind got stronger as the day progressed.
Same picture later, overcast and cloudy.
I decided to move and again I was into another trout, they must of followed me from the other peg.I then managed a Rudd before more trout in the net.
At this point it looked liked rain and I was catching more trout, then a nice bite and finally I managed a Chub.I finished the day's total with 5 Trout 1 Roach 1 chub and a Rudd , not bad under the windy conditions.I packed up before dark just as the rain arrived.
Till the next Time .