Saturday, 20 June 2020

Back After Tinca,s 20-6-20

After last weeks session I thought I’d go and have another go for the Tench.Im keen to get on the river but I thought I’d let things settle first before I get out .I booked the same peg as last time .The wind was pushing into the peg like last time it was lovely today , a bit mixed though nice and cool then a little rain then hot sunshine .
View from my peg, lovely isn’t it .I started with 3 balls of groundbait over the float followed by some corn and loose fed maggot.My first bite was a Rudd I was getting really pestered by them pulling and plucking at the corn .I kept feeding a few maggots little and often to keep the Rudd at bay.It wouldn’t be long before my first tench came , my pin was screaming as I fought to keep it out of the long reeds either side of me .
It wouldn’t be long before my next bite as the float lifted and sailed under and another great fight .Was suprised I didn’t lose the fish as it fought that hard it bent the hook.
Another lovely Tinca .

Never had a Drennan hook bend before .My next bite was a roach .It started to cloud over a little and by the time I put my coat on the rain stopped and my float sailed away and another great fight on the pin .
My last and final tench .I managed a Rudd not long after and the sun came out blazing and I called it a day .

Tight Lines , Stay safe .

Saturday, 13 June 2020

I Had A Bream 13-6-20

Well today’s session would see me fish my third different water since we’ve been allowed to fish again.I fancied a bream session so tactics would be using my 10 ft 9 super feeder rod, flat bed method feeder and various hook baits and bait for the feeder would be Ringers micros.It was a lovely day , a cross wind most of the day with the sun making an appearance which at time’s was hot .
I fished 2 lines , one at 35 yards and one at 20 yards .After quite a few casts without a bite using either bandums or wafters I couldn’t buy a bite .Soon as I changed too corn , Bream on .
There a good stamp of bream in this water , I didn’t weigh any today but there around 3-5 lb size.So by the time lunch time had arrived I had only managed 2 bream , both a good stamp .I decided to have an hour on the short line.Apart from a couple of slow pulls and a missed bite I had nothing.I went back on to the longer line and as I had quite a lot of micros left I decided to carry on till I had no bait left .
The ringers micros I was using , they mix perfect and are probably the best I’ve used .
So occasionally changing hookbaits I went back to corn and as the afternoon progressed I managed 5 more bream, all good quality Fish .
Biggest bream of the day, just went in the net .Worked hard today and was pleased in the end even though I was frustrated at times , River season is days away and I best get prepared .
Tight Lines stay safe

Monday, 8 June 2020

Saturday evening /Sunday day

Well I decided to grab a few hours Saturday night just armed with With the float rod and pin.I chose a peg that had a deep margin.My idea was a maggot attack but took corn as a back up hook bait . I balled in two nice sized micro pellets .After being plagued by perch I decided to change to corn and wasn’t long before I had a good bream around 4lb .Considering all the rain we had off and on all day the evening was lovely up till 9 when the temps started to drop. Then just as the light faded my float went straight under , Tench On.
Last bite of the evening sesh.

Sunday Day
I was in two minds what to fish for and armed with 2 pints of maggot, corn and micros I headed to the crucian area of the lake . I decided to fish feeder set up helicopter with maggot feeder and maggot hook bait . It was a lovely over cast day with light wind blowing into the bank .I was casting every 5-8 minutes to a spot around 30 yards out .My first bite was a Roach .It would be around 10 when I had my first crucian .
Lovely crueys in this lake . After another hour biteless I came in 10 yards and managed another at 12
It was turning out to be a difficult day. I switched to the float and pin on corn and fed balls of pellet.
After two hours with not a touch I went back on the feeder and switched to corn instead of maggot .An hour later I called it a day .
As the river season approaches I think I will turn my attention to something else now .
Tight Lines Stay safe

Monday, 1 June 2020

You Know what time it is , Tinca Time 31-5-20

So finally I managed to book on a water that’s experienced problems and hence I’ve not fished it enough due to it being busy in the past.Tactics were Float rod , Corn hook bait as there’s a big population of Rudd so maggot would be a night mare .I Put 3 Balls of Sonubaits Super feeder over the spot and wasn’t long before plenty of action on the float dipping and waving as fish moved in and out of the baited spot .I managed a couple of Rudd, Then at 9am my float was off pushing my Drennan power float Rod to a big bend and after a few hairy moments putting the brakes on the pin I netted my first tench of the day.
I Re fed my swim and a couple more nice Rudd took the corn .The weather was lovely blue skies in stunning surroundings, the wind was pushing down this end of the lake and I just screamed Tench .At 11am my next bite came and a similar scrap on the float rod and tench No 2 hit the net .
The next Hour saw the wind move and the sun was blazing so I rested the swim and went on my light feeder to have some fun with those Rudd on maggot feeder fished Helicopter. Well it was one a chuck, as fast as the feeder had hit the bottom the tip pulled round. I also managed a small tench aswell. Easy went through nearly a pint of maggots .Back on the float now and the wind was pushing towards me and I managed two more smaller tench. The sun was blazing now and decided to pack up at 3-30, would of loved to stay late. It had to collect Julie from work .
A real enjoyable days fishing .
Tight Lines and Stay Safe Bloggers .

Monday, 25 May 2020

Bank Holiday Blues 25-5-20

Well with tench on my mind I headed out to the same lake I fished last Thursday .I decided to fish a peg I’d not fished for a while .Same tactics as last week , Float rod and corn and pellet . It was real warm today with bright blue skies and hoping that the tench had woke up properly .Well after nearly 4 hours and not a touch I switched to the feeder rod.
If you look closely you can see my float.
I’d made up Balls with the Nash Ball maker with Sonubaits super feeder, smells really sweet.
So back to the feeder rod I’d not fished a flat bed method feeder on this water so this would be my approach with micro pellets and Either wafters or Bandums.
Loaded and ready to cast. It took just over an hour to get my first bite ,  a nice Bream.
A good size to start with.I carried on for just over 2 hours and waiting for bites took longer before I had 2 more good sized bream.

By now it was just after 3 pm and was even warmer so I packed up.Not a great session , frustrating but nice to be out.Dont think this lake has switched on yet and will be back .

Tight Lines , Stay Safe

Friday, 22 May 2020

Tench on my mind. 21-5-20

Well it’s been a long time since I went fishing . With what’s going on in the world right now with this Damn Virus I managed to get back out amongst nature sat by a lake doing what I thought I may never see again for sometime.Grateful to be out and my condolences to all the family’s who’ve lost a life to Covid 19.
My main plan was to fish a lake for tench , but not being able to get information on whether or not I could fish it.Plan B came in to effect and I went elsewhere armed with only hemp pellet and corn so it was a suck it and see moment whether it would work .Where I wanted to go maggots are a NO No due to high population of Rudd.I chose my peg and baited with 3 small balls of groundbait , it was going to be slow .I was feeding small pellet little and often .
I was fishing really close in with the centrepin and float rod .First bite was a nice bream.
Then what a came for ripped the float straight under .
A lovely tench and was well pleased . My next two bites were lovely bars of Gold .

I managed 2 crucians put up a great fight .
After bites dried up I went on the feeder rod and couldn’t buy a bite the sun was blazing hot by now
I decided to pack up and go home , not a bagging by any means but lovely day and some nice fish all falling to corn hook baits . Love catching on the centre pin it’s awesome .
Don’t forget keep it safe out there for fellow anglers in these times of uncertainty .
Tight Lines,Stay safe 

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Last River session of the season .

Me and Chris headed up to the river hoping for Barbel. Upon arrival it looked like a walk down river of which you could see the devestation of the last flood.We set up and conditions were very windy, river was up slightly and pushing through, I fished one rod close in and one mid river, As the evening wore on the winds were getting stronger and watching the rod tips were hard work .
Chris was recasting and mid cast his right hand rod was twitching , by the time he put his rod down and Picked the other rod up the fish had gone. I was getting a few slight twitches on my short rod and was hoping for a big Twitch . At around 9-30 we had to call it a day the rain was coming and it was unpleasant .Glad we gave it ago , what a rubbish season it’s been either the Weather or floods have done all the damage. Anyways looking forward to June.
Tight lines Bloggers .