Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Back on the River 20-8-19

finally got to fish the river with Mike we’ve been trying what seems like ages to get out together for a session and we got out last Night .I took him to a stretch he hadn’t fished before and after a good walk we reached the area i suggested .It was a lovely evening , plenty of ducks looking for free food.The  river was low but had a nice colour and the far bank crease looked good for one rod and downstream for the other rod.We were both getting twitches , but my rod went first and a nice splasher barbel graced the net .
Nice start for me and first barbel of the season.As the evening wore on mike was getting chub wraps and then I was until a good pull and all he’ll let loose , the fish had kites to my left and got wrapped up in my down stream rod , but after a bit of careful angling the fish was in the net and wasn’t badly tangled .

A lovely chub , ain’t complaing.At about 8-30 the far bank saw 4 anglers turn up and this was now an awkward situation , so mike said let’s mived and we managed to walk 180 yards down stream to another area and had both rods out .I kicked back and poured a coffee and then the drizzle cane of which I couldn’t believe it after the forecast wasn’t showing rain.At around 10pm I had another barbel around7lb.Picture to follow.
We were getting rather wet when mike finally caught a splasher barbel and it was time to leave soaked but happy .Great to have a session with mike and hopefully more to follow .

Monday, 12 August 2019

Window Feeders 12-8-19

I fished a new Venue today and instead of writing about my session I thought I’d write about feeders.Theres plenty of different feeders , Cage, open ended , blockend and maggot feeders on the market but earlier this year I saw the new window feeders and wondered what all the fuss was about using them . So let’s take the cage feeder as an example  plug it with groundbait add your particle baits and plug it again .well with the window feeders it’s totally different .They  come in two types a solid feeder of which once cat out the bait releases on the bottom .The caged one releases the bait on the drop better for deeper water as you can catch as it’s going down .

They come in 3 sizes small medium and large .From 20g to 60g including a large bait up feeder .
The thing is with the feeders , put all your particle baits in a tub , micros, casters, Dead maggots , live maggots , chopped worm and corn , in whatever variations suits .

Load it in top picture and plug it in the bottom picture with your groundbait .A great way to get feed out in your swim . Improved my feeder Fishing , Give then a try let me know.
Till the next time .

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Resovoir Carp

So last weekend I went to the resovoir on a long walk to fish an area I’ve had my eye on for a while ,Probably my longest walk with my gear since my heart attack and no breathlessness so all was good there and back.I fished off a point into open water on bottom baits .After sitting there biteless  after over 3 hours I saw signs of fish and moved to a tight little spot just enough room for me and my gear

So nothing came for my efforts on that day ,so it was back again today to a different peg and different tactics.I started off with solid bags rather than a boile approach.Id seen signs of fish so one up the channel and one accross to an over hanging tree.Apart from a few beeps and nothing to show I decided to fish the margins as I remember Chris telling me the margins payed off.So a bottom bait on one rod with a PVA bag and bottom bait and a pop up rig on the other rod.
The day was lovely a nice breeze at times and a robin visiting my swim all day looking for discarded bait.Mid afternoon I had a pull on the margin rod and decided to reel in and check it and couldn’t believe I’d been done probably by a bream, so rod back out and a few half boiles over the top and kicked back with a brew .As the day wore on catching a carp was gonna elude me so at 5pm and packed up, I will be back soon.
Tight Lines bloggers .

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Getting ready For Barbel 13-7-19

well this morning was time to check my bag for Barbel fishing and tidy my bag out ready for my first session.First job was to soak fresh boilles in the pot .Top up my pellet pot and check all pots out for bait .Make sure Scissors, needle , and forceps were packed.Small tackle box was topped up with terminal tackle. Lead pouch was re organised .New batteries were fitted in head torch.Old baits crushed up ready for PVA Bags.All hooklengths we’re checked.PVA packed in narrow and wide mesh  were packed .Scales and weigh sling and buzz bars packed .
It’s no good walking all the way down the river with stuff you might need and things you don’t have, it’s all about being organised so you your session can be carried out .
Tight Lines Bloggers , see you on the river soon .

Saturday, 22 June 2019

Feeder Fishing Part 3 22-6-19

Today I decided to fish the other lodge and upon arrival it was Bivvy  city so I decided to fish the opposite Bank.I clipped up at approx 50 yards and put out 7 Feeder fulls .Time to cast out every 10.  -15 minutes .There was a slight breeze blowing into the bank but it was getting very hot sat there waiting for the fish to turn up.After 3 hours bite less I decided to put another swim in at 30 yards and see what happened .I was swapping between maggot and corn maggot cocktail as bait on the Hook.
On the Tray today was sweet corn , maggot , micros and hemp plus the usual 50/50 groundbait mix.
I started to catch on the short line taking 2 perch , 3 roach and a skimmer .So I decided to go back on the long line and see if the bream were there, I took two 3 lb plus bream in quick succession of which this prompted me to pack up and leave as I was tired from the heat , so I packed up and left. Tight lines bloggers , an unusual mouth on the bream I’m picture .

Monday, 10 June 2019

Feeder Fishing Part 2 .9 June

Well I decided to have another feeder session at the same water as last time ,same approach but different peg.When I arrived it was nice and warm considering the weather lately with a wind blowing into my swim.Clipped up at around 40 yards , I fed 8 feeders of groundbait and pellet.
The bait tray fully loaded with goodies. I managed 1 perch and 2 roach and the bites were slow during the morning .At around 12-30 after sitting it
Out I decided to move and try my luck in another swim hoping the bream would turn up and feed but the bright skies were not helping the fishing .

After over two hours of nothing to show for my efforts I decided to leave as I had things to do.Nice to be back on the bank and with the river season coming I’m excited.
Tight lines, see ya soon bloggers .

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Feeder Fishing 25-5-2019

well it’s been a long time since I blogged.Due to work and aches and pain I was looking forward
To having a rest and enjoy my break.The day before I was due to leave I had an heart attack,I’m fully recovered now and glad to be alive.
Today’s session would see me goin for a bream  session on the feeder on a local water ,wow I’ve missed fishing . Tactics, worm, maggot , caster and pellet , with a dark mix and sweet mix ground bait mixed together .
The Bait tray fully loaded with Goodies.I put out 8 feeder fulls and then changed over feeder to the Preson window feeder.Wasnt long before the first pull and a cracking sized bream hit the net .

It was a great start followed by a smaller bream.The conditions changed from a bright sky to overcast conditions with a nice chop.I carried on casting on the long line but with no bites coming I switched to a shorter line.
The mix with the two window feeders I used .Next bite was a cracking tench which fell to castor maggot hookbait.

I took 4 more bream which ended my session as the fish now weren’t playing , so I packed up and went home, Not a great session but good to be back .
Tight Lines .