Monday, 9 December 2019

Day on the Mere 7-12-19

Well me and Chris were looking to get back on the roach again .Unfortuately upon arrival we found out there was a work party, so we headed to another water we tried last year.We decided to try another  area than last time we fished there .We chose our pegs and got stuck in , fishing at different ranges to try to avoid silk weed .We didn’t have a touch all day, I have a map of this water but it was at home .No good there but will be studied for our next trip .
Plenty of robin pictures today , he had more maggots than the fish . Anyway time for a Pike session and a big Resovoir .
Till the next time , we will be back here soon .

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Right place , Right Time 23-11-19

So me and Chris were going back to the water we had a reccy on last week fishing for roach with 2 rods this time.Time to dust of my John Wilson 1.25 tc rods .For me it was helicopter rigs and maggot and castor hook baits, Chris was similar but he was trying out some roach black groundbait . The weather looked great, Low Pressure, chance of some rain so packed the brolly shelter to keep the elements out and sit back and wait for those alarms to scream. We arrived at the venue and the two pegs we wanted , one was taken so I took a peg further round the point and Chris dropped in a peg that he would move out of after casting around.It was going to be a waiting game for these roach so casting out every 15 minutes for me and keep those maggots going in The feeding windows were after 12 last week , this week bang on 11 my first bite .
My first roach, an unusual chunk missing , anyone elaborate.Anyway between 11 and 1pm I had taken 4 roach and the biggest was 1lb 4.Chris was now casting around and being unsuccessful getting a bite. It would be late afternoon when the rods came alive again , Taking a few more roach of which one looked slightly bigger but didn’t weigh it . As Dusk was approaching we would see if they would feed again.Chris wasn’t having any look at all and it was gonna be cheque book and pen for him.The light faded and no more bites came .Chris was quick to pick up he wasn’t in the right area and plans were made for our next trip. 6 Roach in total for me, Biggest1lb 4.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Ronnie The Roach 16-11-19

Well it’s been a while bloggers, not really been out as the rivers have been out of control with all the rain anyway it’s Dream Team Time and Chris is back .Its Time for a Roach campaign looming for the illusive 2+ .I fished a water earlier on in the year and heard there was good Roach in the water so we went yday on a reccy armed with corn, maggots and castors and just a short range feeder rod each to try and find them.we found 2 pegs that were not farm apart and both of us were fishing maggot feeders.Apart from Chris having a small perch and a skimmer we weren’t looking good for finding the roach. I decided to change to double caster and half caster , half maggot in the feeder just after 12 and had my first 1lb roach followed by another Lovely Roach well over a 1lb I didn’t weigh it .
As Soon as Chris changed to caster he was in and had a 1.5lb Roach followed by another good 1lb plus roach .
So I ended up with 4 Roach to Chris 2 Roach but with his skimmer and perch ended us 4-4 but it wasn’t the scores we had found them and the waiting game was worth it.Only downfall of the day was the rain came as the light was fading and we packed up. We will be back armed with 2 Rods next week , Can’t wait.
Tight Lines Bloggers .

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Photos October 2019

Ive not been out for two weeks so I thought I’d share some photos till the rivers recover .

3 Robin Pictures from July while I carp fished on a Local resovoir.

A Nice Butterfly 

Saturday, 21 September 2019

Lovely Evening On The River 21-9-19

Well what a lovely week we’ve just had very little rain and the forecast was quite high temps for September .Getting to the river when the levels are bang on never happen for me so upon arrival the river was low and quite clear .Peg was chosen and decided to fish one rod upstream and one down stream.The plan was to keep the feeders going in till dark every 20-30 minutes with a mix of 4mm pellets , Crushed halibut pellets and a good sized tin of hemp and a small amount of groundbait.Even though the weather was glorious the wind was blowing downstream, Quite a warm wind of which was shaking the tips on my rods.By the time darkness fell I hadn’t had one knock or twitch .The midges were playing there part in annoying me as I sat there wondering if I should change something or leave it as it was.Out of the blue I had a knock on my right hand rod so after 5 minutes sitting hoping it would pull over I decided to reel the rod in and switch to a different pellet and within 5 minutes of casting out I had a good pull and barbel on .
First barbel to the net and well pleased.I decided to recast both rods now and put some more bait out 
there.I re baited my left hand rod with a fresh boilie and the same again a big pull and fish on this wasn’t a Barbel but felt good.I looked into the net and a chunky chub so I decided to weigh it .It went 4lb 7oz and I was surprised as it looked bigger .

Was really chuffed not had a decent chub for a while .I had a smaller chub later on and pleased with my haul I decided to call it a night.
Till the next time Bloggers .

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Two Different Stretches of River

So last weekend I went to my favourite stretch, a long walk but had the Rova barrow to get there .The river wasn’t carrying much water and I decided to fish an area that the flow looked good on the far bank . I fished one rod upstream and one down stream.It was a lovely evening to be out and the temps were supposed to drop a lot come darkness.So keeping this short and sweet apart from 3 or 4 twitches and one pull I managed one bite and that was enough for me .
So a trout falls to the net on a boilie .

So last night I decided to fish a stretch I haven’t fished for over a year .It was a really nice evening, plenty of ducks wanted feeding of which I obliged with a few freebies .The peg I fished I had to slightly fish it differently as the far bank had another angler so I moved down and with a chance of putting a rod later in the area I wanted if he left. With both rods out it wasn’t long before a vicious pull and my first barbel hit the net .
Just a small one.  Wouldn’t normally take a picture but always like the first fish in case I don’t catch anymore Barbel.As Darkness fell you could hear the barn owls and a kingfisher skimming the river for food.My next bite was another trout followed by a nice chub .I kept the feed going in and as I sat there having a Decaff I decided to re cast and as I got up my rod hopped over and my second barbel was in the net .

Biggest barbel off the night.
The moon was glaring so it basically killed it so I packed up and left.
Till the next Time .

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Last Day Of August

Decided to go and try the same stretch of river I fished last Sunday as it had more water than where I wanted to Go.considering the morning was fine and I went to the tip to dump some rubbish in the morning , the rain came and was a good downpour here it didn’t effect the levels on the ribble so time to set of at 5pm and make my way there .I was in my spot and fishing two rods and it was a tad breezy and a good chop on the river.As the sun was dropping from the sky in the distance all I had to show for my efforts was a couple of twitches.Just before the light went I had a good pull and barbel on .
Taken on a boilie with paste wrapped round. A good fight and was surprised it didn’t go bigger but it’s a Barbel and that is what I’m after.The wind had calmed down and I kept the feed going in every 20 minutes.I had a few twitches and pulls but nothing came of those so I switched baits and fished 2 boilies instead of pellet boilie.As the evening wore on it was looking dire the river was flat calm and saw many anglers leaving the river early.I gave it till 10-30pm and packed up .I’m disappointed the fishing was poor.Glad to be alive and back out.
Till I write again .