Saturday, 26 December 2020

Dream Team back Together 20-12-20

 Well it’s nearly 9 months since me and Chris have fished together since the end of the river season in March and havnt been out since due to Chris becoming a Dad to a Son and obviously Covid .So we managed to get a roach session in before Xmas. We fished a big double peg fishing two rods on maggot feeder helicopter rigs . It was a slow start and then the fish came to me and not Chris .I had lots of small roach, skimmers, a couple of roach knocking on the pound mark and only a bream for Chris . A great catch up having been so long , felt like an eternity , but yes the Dream team are back 

My New pod A Chris Brown 2 rod pod, don’t think Chris noticed , must be my 15th or 116th pod I’ve owned, who knows I hate rod pods LOL.

Have a great Christmas , stay safe ,and more from the Drwam team soon .

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Moss Farm Fisheries 25-10-20

 So I got invited to another match at moss farm with crescent angling club .I drew an end peg so was happy with that . Tactics would be pole and maggot and bomb and pellet. I plumber up 2 swims and clipped up the tip for the aerator .The weather forecast was sunshine and showers with a strong wind at times throughout the day . I started of on the pole knowing I probably should start on the tip, may regret that later .First put in and I had a small F1 followed by another and the wind was blowing and making presentation on the float difficult .

My swim peg 1 we flat calm before all in .I now switched to the bomb rod and wasn’t long before I was catching only small F1,s. After about an hour I switched to just right of the aerator towards corner of the island and landed over the rope holding it , I managed to get my bomb back but later on it happened and again and had to pull for a break. I concentrated on casting to the aerator for the rest of the match catching slowly and building a weight .

My bait tray , Maggot and pellet 6 & 8 mm.As the match progressed I heard the far end peg was catching well but I had 19 carp now with 30 minutes to go .Id lost 5 carp to hook pulls considering some of the carps mouths I knew why .In the last half hour I managed 4 more carp for a total of 23 carp.

1st place Mark 28 lb 12
2nd Place Me   28lb. 8
3 rd place.         13lb 
So I ended up bridesmaid again in 2 place and losing by 4 ounces , those lost fish cost me . Really enjoyed it and that’s it for matches .

We fished Lily’s lake and was ideal as you can park behind your peg.

Till the next time , Stay safe .

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Moss Farm Fishery 4-10-20

 So today was another match with crescent angling club on April’s . I drew Peg 5 and funny eddie drew peg 1 that I fished the other week . I started the match fishing down the track .First put in and I hooked a carp of which the hook pulled and I had to sort another rig due to it getting a knot around the float, always wondered how that happens . I started catching steady with quite a few skimmers and a crucian .The wind was blowing down the lake and even though it was overcast most of the day it wasn’t cold at all.

This was my peg and as you can see the far bank was cut out and I’d set up at 13 m but the wind was bad so I carried on down the track till lunch netting a perch and lovely ide before going on the feeder .

The plan now was to fish bomb and pellet, pinging 8mm pellets into the gap .Over the next two hours I took 5 carp and decided to rest it and go back on the pole .I managed another ide , skimmer and roach on the pole line .At 3 pm I decided the last hour to get me a better weight I’d go back on the bomb .I managed 2 more carp and lost a good fish to a hook pull.


1st Place Kevin 22 lb 9

2nd Me 19lb 13

3rd 12 lb 12 

So I came 2nd again and those two fish probably cost me the match . Really enjoyed it for a change .

One of two ide I had today , would of loved more.

Tight aliens till I’m out next , Stay safe .

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Moss Farm Fishery Irlam 13-9-20

 After a recent conversation with my mate eddie he sorted it for me to fish the match her on April’s Lake with Crescent Angling Club . Upon arrival I couldn’t believe how much it’s changed since I last fished this lake .

The Top picture is the side of the lake we fished and bottom picture is the other side of the lake.Its so mature now it looks really good .Anyway back to the match , I drew peg 1 and would be fishing the pole at 7metres and 10 metres .Bait today would be my favourite chop worm and castor .Once all in was called I was catching from the off on my 7metre line nothing big ,Roach ide skimmers Tench and plenty of small perch .It was a really warm day blue sky’s and the wind was blowing down into my end of the lake .I switched over to the 10 metre line but couldn’t buy a bite . So I went back over to the 7 metre line and I was being inundated with small perch.

A change of plan was needed the feeder rod, bomb and pellet was the tactic .

A nice set of Lily’s to the left of the island would be my attack pinging 8mm pellets over the top.I took two mirror carp straight away in 2 casts , then bumped a bream and then was snapped by a carp that tried to take me in the Lily’s .i kept looking at my pole line and thought you know what I’m going for it on the feeder .As the afternoon wore on it got hotter and the carp were still coming , I’d netted 9 now followed by 2 more and a bream .Then around 3-30 I got snapped again of another good carp.As all in was called I was confident I’d got around 30 lb .

A Pole shot and feeder Shot .

So when it came to the weigh in I knew I’d get in the top 3 as I was hearing further down nor much had happened .

1st place 54lb He wins every week

2nd Place Me 29 Lb 8

3rd Place 20 Lb 10

Eddie finished with 10 lb on the dot.

A really enjoyable day and a nice change for me .

Tight Lines , Till I’m out again , Stay Safe 

Thursday, 10 September 2020

It’s Been Too Long 6-9-20

It’s handy having my own blog because I can look back at previous sessions and I did just that.The reason behind me looking back was I was looking for another area to target for barbel and couldn’t believe it’s been seven years since I last fish this area .I arrived at the river just before 7pm giving me plenty of time to get set up and get the rods out.It was a lovely evening and the river had dropped so it was low and clear .There was a nice crease running mid river and my left hand rod would be across river and the right hand rod down stream. Still on the PVA bags with pellet and Boilie . Id just poured a coffee and my left hand rod hopped over ,Nice chub around 3lb.My next bite came at darkness fell.A lovely chub around 5lb at least , I Un hooked it In the river and left it in the net while I set the camera up, I returned and it had escaped from the net . My right hand rod went next with a small chublet . Love fishing this area as you can hear the owls in the trees opposite bank .My next bite was a barbel just before 9pm , not massive but most welcome .
Just a splasher but fought well .
The mist was rolling down the river now as the temps dropped even though it felt quite warm .My right hand rod was off again and another small barbel.
Nice to catch 2 barbel , thought it was gonna be a chubtastic kind of night . I will be back at sometime. Something different this weekend.
Till the next time , stay safe .

Monday, 31 August 2020

Got it all Wrong 30-8-20

With all the rain we had last week the river was up and my only chance was Sunday evening to get out .I decided to go back to a stretch I’d fished earlier in the season where I blanked. The river was low and clear and tactics would be PVA bags again . I took the long walk looking at swims along the way I need to try out at some point . As I came round the bend I noticed a few things that put me of those swims, anglers on opposite bank . I carried on walking and found there was someone in the swim I wanted .I carried on walking and found 4 more anglers , now at this point I should of turned round and walked back .I decided as I was there and not much light left I wasn’t walking back .I decided to drop in between , now this is where I’d got it wrong , 2 anglers above and 2 anglers below and me piggy in the middle . I started off fishing downstream , but as the light faded I decided to upstream one rod and downstream the other rod. I’d fished this swim once before and caught there so I knew I had a slim chance . As darkness fell the temp dropped dramatically , my feet were toast but my hands were like ice. I stayed till 10-45 pm and decided I’d had enough. I should of gone round the bend , but we all make mistakes and l knew my fishing was over for a week.

Tight lines , stay safe x

Friday, 21 August 2020

One Bite 20-8-20

With the weather changing to showers over the weekend I decided to go on Thursday evening.I arrived at the river at around 7pm and went on a walk looking for a peg not near anyone as there was a few fishing . After getting down to the river bank I poured a coffee and made some PVA bags with a mix of 6mm halibut and some elepticals.I decided to fish one rod mid river and the other rod downstream. It was a warm evening with a slight breeze .Both rods were out fishing by 7-40 so now to wait and re cast each rod after 30-40 minutes .The River was carrying a couple of extra foot but was dropping throughout the evening.As darkness fell I was wondering when I was gonna get a pull a twitch or a full 3ft twitch , but at this point I’d not even had a knock .The coffee was going down and the evening was wearing away .At around 10pm I decided fresh bags on each rod, I put a smaller bag on the down stream rod which I found in my bag and a larger bag on middle rod. I sat back and poured a coffee. Typical first sip and I get a full on 3 ft twitch on the Boilie rod . This was defo a barbel and was fighting like a double , my clutch was melting a few times and at the second attempt I netted my prize . After resting  the fish for a while I lifted the net and was shocked at the size of it , it wasn’t a double but omg the power.
Kind of says it all the smile, well pleased and time to go.
Tight lines and stay safe