Sunday, 5 January 2020

First Session of 2020

Well we’re entering a new decade and me and Chris were off Perch fishing .we decided to tackle the bottom end of the lake, me behind the island and Chris in front of it.Id ordered the Lobs from willys worms and they were excellent,speedy delivery as well ordered Monday came Tuesday afternoon.Normally I like to target Perch on the float rod and Centrepin , but on this occasion another rod was put out on an alarm.The weather was overcast but windy and that was followed by some drizzle,Chris netted a small perch before 12 but after getting battered by the wind we moved up the other end of the lake and dropped in a couple of perchy swims.About an hour into fishing the new peg I had a small perch.

The Alarm rod was busy but just in dropped runs due to them pulling on the long sections of Lobs .I was hair rigging the worms on a Korum quick stop and this will altered next time I’m out.Anyway back to the Float .I kept topping up with a few reds every so often over both swims and at just before 2pm my first proper Perch .
1.14 and pleased to get this one . The day was really cold and concentrating on float fishing can be cold and I’m thinking a new winter suit of more layers .Chris was struggling in his swim but was working hard to make it happen.My final bite came at just as the light levels were falling .
1.15 and a good way to end the session.

Happy new year to everyone who visits my Blog.
Till I’m out again, Maybe Perch ..........

Monday, 30 December 2019

Last session of the Decade 30-12-19

Today’s final session of this decade would see me after perch again, different water this time.I decided to fish a peg I’ve done well in before but fish as close to an island as I could cast .The weather was bright skies but wasn’t stopping the perch chasing fry early on.
I managed a small perch and I bumped one off near the net .As the morning progressed it started to cloud over and around 2pm I decided to target in front off me and changed to a new Lob and kept feeding little and often.
It wasn’t long before it went really cloudy and dark was approaching , my float dipped and I struck and nothing came of it .It wouldn’t be long before my float went and I bumped another fish off at the net, I’m not really bothered about small perch but it’s nice to get a bite.The light was now fading rapidly and a change to a fresh Lob.At around 4pm I had my last bite and biggest perch of the session  Today .

My last fish of 2019, worked hard for this fella.Id like to wish all bloggers and reader a Happy New Year and I will see you again in 2020.
Till the next time

Sunday, 29 December 2019

A Cold Day For Perch 28-12-19

Well it’s been a while since I fished for perch and this water hasn’t thrown anything decent for me so I decided to go give it ago.First job was too dig up some lobs from my garden at home as I can’t buy any locally,with quite a few in the bucket it was time to load my rucksack up with Perch gear and Go.
Upon arrival I wanted to try a swim I hadn’t done before, but didn’t fancy fishing with the wind in my face so I headed to an area I’ve heard produces good perch .I would be float fishing with my centre pin, feeding reds over a Lob on the hook.It was nice and overcast for much of the day with the odd bright spell but that wind bit right through me .

During the morning would see my float dip several times with only one perch , a small one .I kept those maggots going in and occasionally recasted to my baited spot.It would be around 2pm my float went and when I felt the resistance I knew it could be a decent size.I netted my prize and a nice chunky perch it was.
1lb 9oz and a nice result.I continued fishing till just before sunset but the cold got the better off me and I packed up.
Till The Next Time Bloggers

Saturday, 21 December 2019

Change of Plans 21-12-20

Me and Chris had planned to go to the river today we was hoping the levels would be fine but after checking this morning we decided to go and fish for Roach at a Stillwater.Upon arrival Chris dropped into his Fav peg and I went to one further down.Usual tactics , maggot feeders and helicopter rigs .From the off I was into quite a few roach with Chris struggling At times both rods were going off for me .
Never seen a white goose while I’ve been out fishing.Before lunch I’d caught two pound plus roach, off which one had cormorant damage .
Nasty mark on the roach, shame I had nothing to treat it.
The damaged Roach.

Chris has by now caught a few but not many,seems where he’d normally have the shoal in front of him and they were in front of me.
Another nice roach hits the net.
Another lovely roach .

Chris later nearly had his rod dragged in and the fish wasn’t on long before it snapped him, shame we didn’t get to see it, probably a carp. I carried on catching steadily up to 3-30pm and lost count how many roach I actually caught and one skimmer to my bag.
The day started of with rain and turned into perfect low cloud and low pressure We fished into dark and with nothing more I went home well pleased with the session.
Till the next time .

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Pike Session 15-12-19

Me and Chris decided to fish a large resovoir we’ve had our eyes on for a while for our first pike session. We picked our section and went on a long muddy walk, unbelievable what you take but it’s all needed.We found a nice area that looked good with plenty silvers topping and set up. I just ledgerd  2 rods and Chris had one and one on a float.We did find there was some weed on the bottom of which the bailiff said hadn’t fully died of in most areas . It was a cold start but soon warmed up and was glad i took my brolly shelter as it poured down 3 times in the afternoon .
The only bite we had all day , an enjoyable trip and look forward to going back . Hope the river has settled down come weekend, it’s been too long.
Till the next Time

Monday, 9 December 2019

Day on the Mere 7-12-19

Well me and Chris were looking to get back on the roach again .Unfortuately upon arrival we found out there was a work party, so we headed to another water we tried last year.We decided to try another  area than last time we fished there .We chose our pegs and got stuck in , fishing at different ranges to try to avoid silk weed .We didn’t have a touch all day, I have a map of this water but it was at home .No good there but will be studied for our next trip .
Plenty of robin pictures today , he had more maggots than the fish . Anyway time for a Pike session and a big Resovoir .
Till the next time , we will be back here soon .

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Right place , Right Time 23-11-19

So me and Chris were going back to the water we had a reccy on last week fishing for roach with 2 rods this time.Time to dust of my John Wilson 1.25 tc rods .For me it was helicopter rigs and maggot and castor hook baits, Chris was similar but he was trying out some roach black groundbait . The weather looked great, Low Pressure, chance of some rain so packed the brolly shelter to keep the elements out and sit back and wait for those alarms to scream. We arrived at the venue and the two pegs we wanted , one was taken so I took a peg further round the point and Chris dropped in a peg that he would move out of after casting around.It was going to be a waiting game for these roach so casting out every 15 minutes for me and keep those maggots going in The feeding windows were after 12 last week , this week bang on 11 my first bite .
My first roach, an unusual chunk missing , anyone elaborate.Anyway between 11 and 1pm I had taken 4 roach and the biggest was 1lb 4.Chris was now casting around and being unsuccessful getting a bite. It would be late afternoon when the rods came alive again , Taking a few more roach of which one looked slightly bigger but didn’t weigh it . As Dusk was approaching we would see if they would feed again.Chris wasn’t having any look at all and it was gonna be cheque book and pen for him.The light faded and no more bites came .Chris was quick to pick up he wasn’t in the right area and plans were made for our next trip. 6 Roach in total for me, Biggest1lb 4.