Sunday, 8 July 2018

A Short Pole Session

I've not fished for a couple of weeks and have been itching to get out.Maybe this warm weather has stopped me and the rivers being low and not wanting to fish for barbel in this warm weather I needed to get out.I always buy a local card for those quick to go sessions,I was lucky to get this card as unless so,done dies or leaves it's a long wait.They own two waters on the same site.So my plan was to fish the bigger water and try out a new pole I bought a while back to replace an old one I'd had for years.I chose a peg that had a slight breeze on my back next to some lilies .Baits would be maggots and castors.My first put in saw a roach,then it was perch attack one after the other,nothing of great size but annoying.Then a few more roach,I decided as the morning Went on I'd introduce some balls of micros hoping I'd catch something more that perch.There was a few carp coming out but not in my swim choice .A few skimmers fell to the net then a decent bream,I decided to pack up and head home for the England game.A few more baits next time and maybe put another swim in .Enjoyable but all perched out to be honest..
Perfect pole for me,8.5 m light enough and happy with it.
The baits Maggots and castors .
The main water I fished.
Tight lines,need Rain,wanna go on the river ,missing it.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Barbel Season 2018/19

I'm really looking forward to getting back out on the river.I never really bother with the opening day,in fact I havnt.I always tend to wait till July before I get out.The river is low at the moment and as we're having a cracking summer we do need some rain.Ive made all my rigs,baits ready to go.Ive just spooled up with new line.So it's time to pack my bag and wait for a rise in the river before I get out.Im looking forward to taking Eddie to an old stomping ground hopefully get him his first river barbel experience .So tight lines everyone and good luck for the season ahead .

Sunday, 10 June 2018

A Day On The Dam 10-6-18

Today would see myself and Eddie fish Carr mill dam for the first time.We normally have feeder fishing sessions during the year ,but last year we didn't .So with Eddie wanting to go barbel fishing and me wanting to fish Carr mill,it was a no brainer to get a ST Helens ticket,this would enable us to feeder fish the dam and also fish Easton for barbel.Todays session would see bright blue skies,hot weather and probably not ideal feeder fishing weather.I fished peg 76 and Eddie 75.The parking was easy and a short walk on good paths to our swims.Bait wise ,corn ,maggot,dead maggot,pellet and groundbait .We both put out around 8 feeders full each and waited.Eddies first bream came after 30 minutes ,but he bumped it off.I waited an hour for my first bream.The fishing was slow,basically a waiting game hoping the fish would switch on .
This was my far bank marker.I was really pleased with my casting,on the money every time.
Eddies swim .
Sat waiting .
Then the boat came out and still didn't get the fish going.
Eddie with a nice bream .
The fishing was really difficult today and Eddie took the first feeder match ,my turn to buy biscuits.
Scores Brocky 4 Browny 3.
Not a great days fishing,but as always a good day out,learned a few things and can't wait for our next one.
Tight lines and Rivers open very soon .

Saturday, 19 May 2018

First up best Dressed 19-5-18

Well today the target was Tench,I dropped Julie off at work and headed to a water where you have to wade through Rudd to get at the tench.Tactics Tip Rod,helicopter rig and red maggots and an alternative bait of corn.I arrived at the water to find it packed out,only 2 pegs available and looking at how everyone else was fishing I decided against it.I headed to another water nearby that I've only fished once for perch in winter .I set up and after 30 minutes I'd managed a micro perch and loads of Canadian pond weed .After a few casts I found a clear spot and started catching some lovely crucian said and another perch .I missed a lot of bites on the tip and upped the maggots to 3 and the hooking was catching me a few more crucians.The bites dried up so I fished corn on the float rod and was getting a lots of sail away bites and nothing to show.The next dip of the float was a lovely Tinca,only small.I managed a couple more tench both to maggots .As the day wore on it was getting warmer and mid afternoon I packed up.Not really the days fishing I planned for,but was nice to get out.
Biggest crucian off the day.Ferocious bites as well.Till the next time bloggers ,Tight Lines.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Breaking Surface Match Bradshaws Fishery Lake 4 12 May 2018

Seems like forever since I've been out and yes I'm on another match at Bradshaws Fishery in Bolton on Lake 4 .Draw at 9 Fish 10-3 .Todays methods were Tip Rod,Pellet waggler and I set my pole up but didn't end up fishing it.As usual I started on the tip rod,Micros and wafters hookbaits .I managed in the first hour 1 carp ,Roach and an Ide.Id drawn Peg 31 and the angler next to me was fishing the waggler on Peg 30, So I switched and started to catch,But it was slow,I'm not the greatest at the waggler but was managing another ide and a few carp.At around 1-30 I'd noticed the fish had switched off and I went back on the tip rod and what a good decision as the fish were responding and I was catching steady .
I switched to yellow band ums and was catching quite steady.The angler next to me was still doing well on the waggler ,I was catching larger carp but not the numbers he had.The weather was lovely today nice in the sunshine with a light breeze flowing down the lake.I managed a few more carp and a skimmer,another ide and was building a good weight.As the match was coming to an end I knew I hadn't done enough,but an enjoyable day and a decent weight considering .
1st place 79lb
2 place 59lb
3 place 57lb
I finished 6th with 42.3 lb
Eddie finished with 26.3lb from a snaggy swim.Anyways here's a few pics from the day.

The winner next to me.
Eddie in the distance on Peg 12.
Tight Lines bloggers,Till the next time.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Match at Jimmys Water 22-4-18

Well I'm back and it see,s such a long time since I was last out in January .The weather and me working at home has been the main factor why I havnt been fishing.So today would see a club match at Jimmys water next to Risley Prison.I opted to fish the feeder and the pole.
An island in the middle of the 20 Peg lake.I was in peg 6 so I was facing the island.My game plan was to fish the feeder to the island for the first hour then switch to the pole.My first bit of bad luck for the day was no umbrella,then the rain arrived and seemed to last quite a while .

The first burst of rain lasted about 45 minutes then I went on the pole fishing castors and wasn't long before I had a nice common carp,then it went dead and the rain came back.I chopped and changed between pole and feeder and thankfully when the rain stopped and it cleared up it was nice.The angler next to me had switched to the pellet waggler and after he'd had 3 carp I realised they were up in the water near the island and I realised why I was getting liners.Wish I'd took mine of which I always do,but not today .
Eddie left in the picture had a tiny carp and from what I could see nothing was happening for him either.I kept feeding my swim to the left all afternoon but when I tried it was devoid of fish and time was running out.The Match ended and 1st place 31-04 lb and 2nd 31 lb and that was the angler next to me on the waggler.So it was good to be back out ,Apart from I broke my no5 section,a tip section off my tip rod and got squashed in its tube,I also lost the rubber cap that holds my landing net together
Talk about being clumsy ,wasn't meant to be.
Plenty of liners but nothing else.Till the next time bloggers ................

Sunday, 4 February 2018

28-1-18 New Perch Water

I wasn't going to write this blog but I can come back for future reference if I need too and it is handy to have a Log of that day.I was looking forward to fishing my No 1 perch water and purchased half a pint of reds with the intention to float fish.The weather looked perfect 10 degrees for January and a sw wind it looked damn good.Then I checked out later on in the evening that the No1 water was closed due to a match,I was gutted.Anyway onwards and upwards I decided to go to a new water that's a huge resovoir,still needs work doing,it's only recently been obtained by the club and hasn't been heavily fished for a few years,so where do you start?????. I arrived just after first light armed with just half a pint of maggots and Lobworms.Id seen a peg on a work party that looked perchy and headed there.Nice sunken tree to my left and the dam wall,looked spot on.It was the perfect place to present the float,as the morning wore on I fed little and often,swapped and changed with length of lobs,fed small pieces of lobs,it just wasn't happening.As I fished into the afternoon it got no better.I decided to fish till the light was fading and hope a big un slipped upped.It didn't happen.When I arrived home I was thinking to my self don't take one rod again with you.My Avon rods have Tip sections aswell,if only I had the top section I could of searched the water out in front of me.So I learned from this trip and will be back at some point to search out the stripes.
Till I blog again,Tight Lines.