Sunday, 15 March 2020

Last River session of the season .

Me and Chris headed up to the river hoping for Barbel. Upon arrival it looked like a walk down river of which you could see the devestation of the last flood.We set up and conditions were very windy, river was up slightly and pushing through, I fished one rod close in and one mid river, As the evening wore on the winds were getting stronger and watching the rod tips were hard work .
Chris was recasting and mid cast his right hand rod was twitching , by the time he put his rod down and Picked the other rod up the fish had gone. I was getting a few slight twitches on my short rod and was hoping for a big Twitch . At around 9-30 we had to call it a day the rain was coming and it was unpleasant .Glad we gave it ago , what a rubbish season it’s been either the Weather or floods have done all the damage. Anyways looking forward to June.
Tight lines Bloggers .

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Making Homemade River Feeders 8-3-2020

With the river season coming to an end and it hasn’t been good due to all the rain I’ve not fished the river as much this season . I decided to make some more feeders , I normally use hair curlers but on this occasion I decided on 32mm waste pipe .I ordered some cow leads of lower weights .
The pipe cost me £2-20 and I used a pipe slice to cut them 50 55 60 65 and 75 mm.
I bought 20 cow leads in total in weights of 30 40 and 50 Grams, £10-10
I already had the trace wire , you can use any . The swivels and the in-line lead inserts for 100 of each
Cost £9.60.
To make the boom cut 6-8inches of wire and slide swivel on
Slide the wire through the insert.

Slide on a crimp and pull tag ends to form a loop the crimp with a crimping tool to finish the boom.
The finished feeders, I used an old hinge for the holes , going to make a template for them for future drilling as I don’t have a work bench . Total cost works out at 68 pence compared to shop bought or someone that makes them . No big deal if you lose one. And if you catch it’s on your homemade feeders .Tight lines till I’m out again .

Saturday, 22 February 2020

The one that got away 22-2-2020

The last session me and Chris had were 2 weeks ago on a low and clear ribble, we both blanked and the day after the ribble burst its banks at over 6 meters .So with all the rain and poor weather we were back out today chasing Roach .we arrived at the venue and headed to our usual pegs. The weather was strong winds and a big tow on the water.I was using a combination of maggots and castors in the maggot feeder and for hook baits I was using maggot on one rod and an 8mm dumbell on the other rod.During the morning Chris had managed 2 small roach and not the usual stamp we had been catching and I remained bite less . I carried on casting every 15-20 minutes and getting the feed out there awaiting a bite .I looked at my phone at 1-35 and couldn’t believe I was still blanking , the conditions were right, the area we were in we’d done well before so where were the roach.I decided to come in on a 30 yard line on both rods . At around 2-20 my right hand rod went into meltdown it was a screamer , this wasn’t a roach. After slowing the run down the carp kited to my left looking to take me into some tree roots, this was a decent carp putting my Avon rod to the test and after guiding it from the trees it went on another powerful run and then the hook pulled.I was gutted , not only had I lost a decent fish ,it just wasn’t my day.Chris managed another small roach and I did fishing further out later on .As the light faded we packed up just before the rain arrived .

Till the next time, hopefully the river will calm down and this rain will finish.Caused a lot of problems around the country not for fishing , But floods, my heart goes out to those who have been flooded .
Tight lines Bloggers .

Sunday, 2 February 2020

A New Water 6-2-20

Went for  a reccy to a new water today after hearing of Decent Perch.Armed with my light feeder and float rod , maggots and Worms .Upon arrival I had a walk round the water to get a feel for the place.As usual I settled in a peg with the wind on my back. There were 2 pegs I fancied but were taken so time to get the feeder rod out , I fished a maggot feeder casting every 5-10 mins .The day was overcast with drizzle which was not bad conditions. I wasn’t catching one a chuck but steadily into some nice roach.I decided to have a cast around after catching 8 Roach, I started to cast to another area catching 2 nice bream. The sun came out briefly and killed it, I tried worm and pellet to now avail so I decided to have a walk back to the van to get my glasses and start float fishing as the sun was lowering in the sky. I cut 2 worms and cast out , feeding maggots little and often and some chopped worm .
Good stamp of roach I caught earlier .........,..,,,
Had 2 bream this size ...............,,

So back on the float, plenty of dips and lifts on the float but I only managed a small perch and as darkness creeped in I packed up.

Will be back, Tight lines , Till the next time, Fancy a Pike .

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Chub & Barbel 25-1-2020

So with not having a river session for so long me and Chris decided to fish a stretch I hadn’t fished before but it involved a long walk a very long walk.We looked at lots of swims but as the river was low and clear we fished an area that had some good flow.Chris went above me in a swim that looked far better than mine .Tactics for me was my quiver rod only and armed with bronze and reds to catch what ever was in front of me .
Looks like more reds than bronze but in fact it was a pint of each .......
 Chris drew first blood early with a nice chub.I had a good pull but no fish.
Casting regular with the maggot feeder produce my first chub .
As the morning progressed I’d had 3 good chub , This one went 3-14.Then things changed for me, I had a couple of hook pulls and lost 2 fish to a snag. Chris then caught his first winter Barbel.
A lovely Barbel and paid of for Chris fishing 2 Rods .

As the day wore on I decided not to target the far bank having lost 4 Feeders and found a deep run in front of me so for the last hour I claimed 2 more chub for 5 in total.An overcast day with a rather cold wind at time’s it was time to leave and take the long walk back over 3 fields , through numerous gates and mud and over styles, will we be back, Damn right we will.

Till the next time, maybe a Stillwater .

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Perch On A Tuesday 21-1-2020

Having had a day off yday and having lobworms left over and needed to be used up it would be rude not to have a perch session .i decided to take a gamble on two float rods, my usual 13 foot and pin and a shorter rod on an alarm as there’s not a lot of room in these pegs .The day started out not too bright and by 10am I’d had 1 small perch on each rod,shortly followed by another smaller one on the pin rod.I kept trickling the maggots and chopped lobs in little and often .Just before 12 I had a beep and the float sailed away for a nice perch just over a pound .By now the cloud level had dropped and there was a faint mist on the lake .My next bite that came was a lot bigger than my previous Perch so I took a quick photo in case it was the biggest of the day .
A lovely Perch, I didn’t bother weighing but was well pleased with this one .

I kept the feed going in over each float and at around 1-30 my float dipped and as I lifted into the fish I knew this one was a better stamp, nice fight on the centre pin.

Not a great photo due to the mist and light drizzle , But a New PB for this lake of 2 LB 1 oz well chuffed with this one .

So with 6 perch in total I thought I might bag a few more .The mist got thicker and the pressure was rising , plenty of signs of perch chasing fry and plenty fish topping but that would be it and I packed up at 4pm.
The Bait , Great Lobworms from Willys worms, check them out super hast delivery aswell.
Time to go, Till I’m out again , Great Times .

Sunday, 19 January 2020

PerchTastic 11-1-2020

So another perch session was on the cards and I suggested to Chris we fish the other water, Deep down he didn’t look too keen.We decided to Fish a good area with the wind on our backs as it was very windy .I said to Chris you take the basket peg as I did last week on another water . Float fishing was my main attack with an alarm rod just past the marginal shelf .Feeding was the key for me , maggot and chopped lobs ,and feeding reds little and often . Come 10am Chris had a bite on his alarm rod and it was a good fish .
2 lb 8 oz and what a cracker it was.

Chris followed this up with another of 1lb 9 an hour later.The wind was bitter at times but I kept chasing it throughout the day. No fish for me but I was well chuffed for Chris his first 2lb plus perch , well done mate , PerchTastic Mate.

Till we’re out again , Tight Lines .