Sunday, 13 January 2019

Blustery Day in Pursuit of Perch Part Two. 13-1-19

My self and Chris headed back for another perch session today.The forecast was 40 mph winds and the odd shower during the day.We arrived at the lake and had a look at an area we hadn't fished before,only trouble it was getting battered by the wind so we decided to fish the opposite side with the wind blowing of our backs.Chris set up in the same peg as last week and I settled in  a peg further round the lake.With it being windy today would see both rods on alarms for me,it was to windy to present a float .First job get the oval up and get set up.Plenty of chop on the water and grey sky's it looked good for a bite.
Both rods were set up with maggot feeders and lobworm hookbaits.Id be filling the feeders with chopped worm and red maggots and casting ever 30 minutes to get some bait and scent down.During the morning I'd had a few pulls ,plucks and drop backs ,but no fish.Chris had caught a small perch in his peg.After lunch I decided to recast to another area hoping to try and temp this elusive perch.Not long after 1 pm I saw Chris net a fish and he text me to say it was just over a pound.
So at least Chris was off the mark .
I reeled in chopped some more worm,put fresh lobs on and recast,wasn't long before another couple of drop backs.As we rolled into mid afternoon the rain came down and as soon as it stopped another couple of indications,but no Perch.Once 3-30 pm had come round we were in the lap of the fish gods as I've never caught perch after then,time to chop some more worm .
At around 4-14 I'd had another drop back and by now the wind was up again and dark was coming real fast.We packed up at around 4-40 it had turned colder by now and blustery.All my efforts today and no fish.Well done to Chris .

Till the next time ,Tight Lines Bloggers .

Monday, 7 January 2019

Perch session 6-1-19

Chris had said to me the week before he fancied a perch session and it's a fish he had not really targeted before.So Plans were made he ordered some Lobworms and  I passed on a few pointers to him and off we went.The peg Chris was in I'd had some good success so I said to him you take that peg and I will try another area.My chosen peg was a spot I'd pole fished a while back and had some good sport,also it looked a great ambush point with the overhanging tree and branches touching the water.My attack was my 13 foot float rod,maggots(Reds) and big juicy Lobs courtesy of Chris.The depth next to the tree was roughly 6 foot .
My set up fishing right next to the overhanging branch.The day was lovely and overcast about 7 degrees but felt a touch colder,the mist rolled in about 8-30 and stayed for a couple of hours before it lifted,the water was flat calm .The thing is with this water it can be late afternoon or just before dark before anything happens,and even though we arrived at first light I said to Chris it isn't a morning water at all and patience is the key,feed them and they will come.As the morning wore on I saw Chris have a few dropped runs on his alarm rod and a while later he said his float went and he missed the bite.
I've tried prawns on this particular water with no success ,Lobs are King Here in the Land of big Perch I told Chris .As the day wore on we saw some drizzle and at one point I thought the sun might burn through the clouds but glad it stayed overcast.I was working hard in my peg feeding little and often but by mid afternoon I had nothing to show for my efforts.I considered moving to another area I fancied but I think overall they weren't playing today and the only chance now was as the light faded .At around 4pm I saw Chris net a Perch,not a sergeant but it was a catch and he hadn't blanked .
Not a great picture but a 1lb perch and it's a start.I fished till I could not see my float and nothing for me.It was an enjoyable session and we will be back.
Till we're out again .Tight Lines .

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

New Pike Water 2-1-2019

Well I would like to wish everyone that reads my blog a happy new 2019 and hope you get the fish of your dreams this year.So today me and Chris headed out to a lake where pike fishing wasn't allowed,but as 1 Jan 2019 it was.We decided to fish there today.Upon arrival at the lake there was a few other pike anglers there,now don't get me wrong I expected it might be busy and believe it was on new year day,but it's not my bag and wish we hadn't tried it out so soon.Ive been laid up over Xmas with a bad back for 4 days ,so it was a case of being wrapped up with a slight over night frost.We set up and I decided to fish a float on the other side of a tree in the margin.Chris was fishing a float and an alarm set up.As the morning came to an end I put another rod out,there were so many lines in the water and I thought I'd only fish one rod early doors.We saw 3 jacks come out on the opposite bank but nothing down the shallow end.I spoke to a regular who said quite a few pike came out yesterday but nothing big,so hope of a biggie could be on the cards.As the day wore on conditions looked better as the temps rose.We both fished into dark and with nothing to show for our efforts we packed up.
A close up of my Pencil float.
On one of our trips we met mike who had a light lure set up,he let us have a few casts as he'd caught quite a few pike further down from us.Chris nailed this little fella 3rd cast.A really nice angler,Thanks.
Any way tight lines,until I'm out or were out next,Maybe a Perch session .

Friday, 28 December 2018

Sometimes they get away 22-12-18

Me and Chris went on another pike session at the res.We decided to try a different area,the weather was overcast and during the morning we had a couple of showers.My first run came as my float buried and pike no 1 was on the mat.
Chris had his first run not long after on lamprey.Turned out a dropped run.At around 12-30 we moved to another area,both fishing a float and a rod on an alarm.After about an hour my float buried for pike no2 but after unhooking it ,it's gills flared and as I put her back on the mat she slipped back into the water.My second pike of the day on smelt.As the afternoon wore on Chris managed another run on lamprey but that also turned into a dropped run.Just as darkness was falling Chris,s float dipped for his first pike on mackerel.seems Smelt is king on this water for me anyway.
Came at just the right time,we fished into darkness and with no more pike we headed home.
Till the next time bloggers.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Smelt Is King 15-12-18

We decided to fish a Resovoir for pike today.The weather wasn't looking good,strong winds with rain to follow,I,hate pike fishing in the rain.We sorted our pegs,Chris would float fish both rods and I decided to fish one on the ledger down the margin to a overhanging tree and then float fish one in the margin in front of me.My baits were herring on ledger and smelt on the float rod.It wasn't long before my ledger rod went only too lose the fish,on inspection of the bait I had bite marks in between both trebles.I Recasted to the same spot and clipped up my drop arm ,then I heard this bang and thought what the hell my float rod has fell of the bank sticks into the water as I tried to get my landing net the rod slipped away into the deep margin.As I saw the butt dissapear I had to compose my self as I thought was it a pike that had pulled my rod in ,had I not set the baitrunner ??????????????????
I reeled in my other rod took the bait off and cast in searching the margin,luckily I new the make up of the bottom as I'd feeder fished there and new if a pike had took my rod that it couldn't of got far,after 3 casts and help from Chris I was reeling my rod in and unbelievable there was a pike on,I guided the rod to the surface and Chris grabbed it and safely landed the pike.

Hooked in the scissors,rod back and this has never happened to me before .
It wasn't long before  Chris,s float dipped and sailed away for his first pike of 2018 and his first in over 5 years.
The face you pull when it's a jack ..............
The wind had really picked up and after the nightmare I'd experienced I was now fishing both rods on ledgers.Chris had another bite and the fish came off.He didn't have to wait long before he landed his next pike.
A nice pike for Chris his second on smelt.The rain looked like it was gonna come down earlier than forecast and the wind was up and it was damn cold now.Chris would get another run but that fish came of aswell,a busy day for Chris .Nothing was happening for me before Chris had his third pike in the rain ,yet again to smelt.
Looking at the fish it seems a repeat capture of his second fish.
As the afternoon came the rain was persistent and didn't look like clearing ,we packed up at 2-45pm cold wet and a few pike under our belts.
Chris 3 Pete 1 All on smelt.
Onwards and upwards for the next Pike session.
Tight Lines .

Sunday, 9 December 2018

The forgotten Lake 9-121-18

Me and Chris set out today to fish a lake I got obsessed with over 4 years ago,for me it replaced the heartbreaker I'd previously put a lot of time in knowing the rewards,but had to move on away from the circus and the killing of a pike I wanted badly..This trip would see a return for Chris who hasn't pike fished for a long time,.We arrived at the lake with it all to ourselves.We decided to fish the big peg,memories came flooding back for me as we set up.One rod was on an a
Arm with a pollen.second rod was a float rod on smelt.Anyway time to kick back enjoy a chat with Chris and a brew.It was overcast with wind blowing into the bank ,we didn't set up camp as a move at lunch time was on the cards.At around 10 am my float dipped and sailed away.
Not a monster but was pleased with a bite on a lovely lake.At 12 we moved with no further action to a sheltered bay.Chris was like a kid on Xmas day ,he was enjoying the fact he was out after pike after so long.We switch baits around 2pm and waited .We fished into dark but nothing came.On the way home we discussed possibilities for next week and will be back after pike.I think my enthusiasm is coming back,I've missed it.
Till the next time bloggers,Tight Lines .