Sunday, 6 October 2019

Photos October 2019

Ive not been out for two weeks so I thought I’d share some photos till the rivers recover .

3 Robin Pictures from July while I carp fished on a Local resovoir.

A Nice Butterfly 

Saturday, 21 September 2019

Lovely Evening On The River 21-9-19

Well what a lovely week we’ve just had very little rain and the forecast was quite high temps for September .Getting to the river when the levels are bang on never happen for me so upon arrival the river was low and quite clear .Peg was chosen and decided to fish one rod upstream and one down stream.The plan was to keep the feeders going in till dark every 20-30 minutes with a mix of 4mm pellets , Crushed halibut pellets and a good sized tin of hemp and a small amount of groundbait.Even though the weather was glorious the wind was blowing downstream, Quite a warm wind of which was shaking the tips on my rods.By the time darkness fell I hadn’t had one knock or twitch .The midges were playing there part in annoying me as I sat there wondering if I should change something or leave it as it was.Out of the blue I had a knock on my right hand rod so after 5 minutes sitting hoping it would pull over I decided to reel the rod in and switch to a different pellet and within 5 minutes of casting out I had a good pull and barbel on .
First barbel to the net and well pleased.I decided to recast both rods now and put some more bait out 
there.I re baited my left hand rod with a fresh boilie and the same again a big pull and fish on this wasn’t a Barbel but felt good.I looked into the net and a chunky chub so I decided to weigh it .It went 4lb 7oz and I was surprised as it looked bigger .

Was really chuffed not had a decent chub for a while .I had a smaller chub later on and pleased with my haul I decided to call it a night.
Till the next time Bloggers .

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Two Different Stretches of River

So last weekend I went to my favourite stretch, a long walk but had the Rova barrow to get there .The river wasn’t carrying much water and I decided to fish an area that the flow looked good on the far bank . I fished one rod upstream and one down stream.It was a lovely evening to be out and the temps were supposed to drop a lot come darkness.So keeping this short and sweet apart from 3 or 4 twitches and one pull I managed one bite and that was enough for me .
So a trout falls to the net on a boilie .

So last night I decided to fish a stretch I haven’t fished for over a year .It was a really nice evening, plenty of ducks wanted feeding of which I obliged with a few freebies .The peg I fished I had to slightly fish it differently as the far bank had another angler so I moved down and with a chance of putting a rod later in the area I wanted if he left. With both rods out it wasn’t long before a vicious pull and my first barbel hit the net .
Just a small one.  Wouldn’t normally take a picture but always like the first fish in case I don’t catch anymore Barbel.As Darkness fell you could hear the barn owls and a kingfisher skimming the river for food.My next bite was another trout followed by a nice chub .I kept the feed going in and as I sat there having a Decaff I decided to re cast and as I got up my rod hopped over and my second barbel was in the net .

Biggest barbel off the night.
The moon was glaring so it basically killed it so I packed up and left.
Till the next Time .

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Last Day Of August

Decided to go and try the same stretch of river I fished last Sunday as it had more water than where I wanted to Go.considering the morning was fine and I went to the tip to dump some rubbish in the morning , the rain came and was a good downpour here it didn’t effect the levels on the ribble so time to set of at 5pm and make my way there .I was in my spot and fishing two rods and it was a tad breezy and a good chop on the river.As the sun was dropping from the sky in the distance all I had to show for my efforts was a couple of twitches.Just before the light went I had a good pull and barbel on .
Taken on a boilie with paste wrapped round. A good fight and was surprised it didn’t go bigger but it’s a Barbel and that is what I’m after.The wind had calmed down and I kept the feed going in every 20 minutes.I had a few twitches and pulls but nothing came of those so I switched baits and fished 2 boilies instead of pellet boilie.As the evening wore on it was looking dire the river was flat calm and saw many anglers leaving the river early.I gave it till 10-30pm and packed up .I’m disappointed the fishing was poor.Glad to be alive and back out.
Till I write again .

Sunday, 25 August 2019

The Hot Weekend 25-8-19

well it’s been a really hot weekend with temps reaching 28 degrees up north and choosing the right evening to go and fish the river I decided on today as the temps would be more comfortable .I prepared my bait at home,4mm mainline pellets,crushed halibut,tin of hemp and a good squirt of flavour .i decided which stretch I’d go to as I’d watched the levels and the river looked spot on the bite. I arrived at my peg and decided to fish pellet on one rod and boilie on the other rod.with both rods out I kicked back and had a brew.It was a lovely evening the ducks were out looking for food as was still quite warm and the sun was dropping down in the distance when my right hand rod hooped over and a small barbel graced the net, then as I was resting the fish my left hand was off.With both fish netted i sorted out the mat.
So a quick snap and got them back it wasn’t long before a dace  took a liking to a 15mm boilie.
So after all the havoc as the sun dropped further in the horizon off the river darkness was looming and I re cast both rods out and waited .It was cooling down fast so at around 9-30 it was time to get the coat on and have another brew .In the distance I could hear what sounded like a chainsaw which echoed in the distance which was annoying .The midges were out and the grass was now getting damp but still no more bites.I was recasting every 20 minutes to get some bait out there and now both rods were being fished with boilie.I would have to wait till 10pm before my next bite and a small barbel graced the net.I finished off my last coffee and at 11pm the rod hooped over and I would have my 3 Barbel off the night .

The biggest of the night and well pleased.Time to leave and can’t wait for next time.
Till I’m out agin Bloggers .

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Back on the River 20-8-19

finally got to fish the river with Mike we’ve been trying what seems like ages to get out together for a session and we got out last Night .I took him to a stretch he hadn’t fished before and after a good walk we reached the area i suggested .It was a lovely evening , plenty of ducks looking for free food.The  river was low but had a nice colour and the far bank crease looked good for one rod and downstream for the other rod.We were both getting twitches , but my rod went first and a nice splasher barbel graced the net .
Nice start for me and first barbel of the season.As the evening wore on mike was getting chub wraps and then I was until a good pull and all he’ll let loose , the fish had kites to my left and got wrapped up in my down stream rod , but after a bit of careful angling the fish was in the net and wasn’t badly tangled .

A lovely chub , ain’t complaing.At about 8-30 the far bank saw 4 anglers turn up and this was now an awkward situation , so mike said let’s mived and we managed to walk 180 yards down stream to another area and had both rods out .I kicked back and poured a coffee and then the drizzle cane of which I couldn’t believe it after the forecast wasn’t showing rain.At around 10pm I had another barbel around7lb.Picture to follow.
We were getting rather wet when mike finally caught a splasher barbel and it was time to leave soaked but happy .Great to have a session with mike and hopefully more to follow .

Monday, 12 August 2019

Window Feeders 12-8-19

I fished a new Venue today and instead of writing about my session I thought I’d write about feeders.Theres plenty of different feeders , Cage, open ended , blockend and maggot feeders on the market but earlier this year I saw the new window feeders and wondered what all the fuss was about using them . So let’s take the cage feeder as an example  plug it with groundbait add your particle baits and plug it again .well with the window feeders it’s totally different .They  come in two types a solid feeder of which once cat out the bait releases on the bottom .The caged one releases the bait on the drop better for deeper water as you can catch as it’s going down .

They come in 3 sizes small medium and large .From 20g to 60g including a large bait up feeder .
The thing is with the feeders , put all your particle baits in a tub , micros, casters, Dead maggots , live maggots , chopped worm and corn , in whatever variations suits .

Load it in top picture and plug it in the bottom picture with your groundbait .A great way to get feed out in your swim . Improved my feeder Fishing , Give then a try let me know.
Till the next time .