Saturday, 31 March 2012

Saturday 30th March

So met up with lee today and took him to 3 sisters.was hoping for Tinca action,well we never had a single one.Lee was into Roach and and Rudd and i was catching Rudd.I changed tactics and fished for perch,using prawns,no action there aswell.Lee thought he would dress for a sunny day,went to van got him a coat,and gave him coffee,seems he cant find his flask.Anyways im gonna go back tmos and fish the Method Feeder.

Till the next time.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Tinca Time 29 march 2012

With the pike rods put away.its time for tench,love em.i fished last sunday for them and had no luck,so off to a new water to have a only using a good old float rod,and im fishing the lift method,fixed spool reel with the new Drennan supplex line in 6lb,sinks lovely.My baits for tench will be red maggot,dead red maggot,corn and pellets.i will be using groundbait to get a bed down but maybe in another few weeks,just feeding little and often to start off.Last year i bought a marco cortesi centre pin,i have yet to spool it up but hope to get it done for this weekend,got it through a friend for £25,excited at the prospect ,simply cos its a centre pin ,that ratchet goin,heart racing with the next trip planned its off to 3 sisters with lee,who loves tench to bits,think he will be on the pole.Anyway till the next time,Tinca Time.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Time for Coarse Fishing

Decided to start my coarse season earlier than normal.with very warm weather were having i packed away the pike gear.I got to the water this morning and regretted it,well for a couple of hours till it warmed up and i was glad.fished quite a few swims looking for the tench,seemed to be a roach day,well it was till this little fella took my maggot,lol,and theres me saying pike seasons over,single red maggot,size 18 hook.Till the next time.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

My Last day Pike Fishing

Had one run earlier on in the morning,nicked my bait in the weed.seems mackeral were the bait of choice today,normally herring or smelt.Anyway weighed in at 9lb last pike of the season.Time for Tench.Till the next time.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Last day of my Pike Season

So the season started late for me due to being on holiday.Its Been a strange winter compared to the last bitterly cold ones we have had.i havnt caught as many fish as i would of liked,but thats fishing for you.My best fish came in november 20lb 4 which was really pleasing for me,a personal goal.Memories for me this year was fishing a social and Duane had two lovely pike a 15 and a 13,cant remember the ounces.Tally,s  float goin at last knockings to land a 19lb 15.Doin a reccie on the canal,that produced a 16lb fish for all cant be bad and not to forget Ryan,s 20lb 8,of which i wasnt there,but was nice to hear when i was away on out tmos for the last time.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

R.I.P The Pale One

Heres the fish found tuesday in the margins by an Angler i know of Facebook who fishes the same water.Bad Handling and bad angling.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Pre Baiting

Something ive never tried before.So into the freezer and had a look at what bait i have left,a lot of the baits were big,also i had some sprats,about 30 of them.So chopped them all up and put them in a bucket last night.Now i suppose theres plenty of different ways of going about this.I got to the water this morning trying to keep time on what i will be fishing at on saturday.There was a couple of anglers there already so i sneaked around the other way so they didnt see me,lol.I baited up a tight spot that was easy to throw to and i will fish around the other side,which will only require an underarm cast.They seemed to be in this area last week,so hopefully they will be there saturday,they have three days before i go to munch so im interested to see if it works,if it does i will do more next season,if it doesnt nothing lost because the bait needed using up.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sad Day

The water i have been fishing for the last 3 seasons,holds a special fish,well today it was found washed up by an angler,im gutted for the fish.A sad  sight seeing it motionless on the bank.It had a trace in the fish and was attached to 8/10lb mono,when will these anglers learn,15lb min,or 50/65lb braid.R.I.P

Saturday, 17 March 2012


I completed my 17th Trip Today,ive had 3 fish and 14 blanks,soul destroying.I cant say i havnt tried because ive worked so hard here and am willing to put up with people being walked by there dogs,people feeding the ducks,Dropped runs and  3 times having my bait stolen,lol.My lowest point came a few weeks ago when at exactly 3-30,which is known between a few of us as golden hour,i had a single beep,i didnt wait,unclipped the dropper and struck into a solid fish that shook the hooks.Fishing here this season as taken priority and i have had a few trips elsewhere to waters just as hard.Ive had 3 seasons on here now.Anyways still searching for the  Pale one,to be continued.........................................

Finally got Pictures of Camera

These pics are from my last trip,i got a camera 2nd hand with a remote.As u can see i need some practice,lol.i couldnt get pics of camera so i sent for a card reader of ebay £2-45 happy Days

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Next Trip

Im itchin to get out again,so whats the plan,well ive had a look at the weather and the air temperatures are falling all week, saturday and sunday its at its lowest.Now im not trying to fish around the temps or moon phases,im interested in this and am now going to make notes in my Pike Book for future reference and catches,see how it pans out.Anyway back to the fishing im tempted to go to Heartbreak saturday and local sunday,have to see what happens saturday.Till the next time

Sunday, 11 March 2012

777 Roll Arm Indicator

Was really pleased how they worked saturday.there is a few more modifications needed yet,i now have the add on weights,they un clip so easy.till the next time.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Change of Plan

Decided to leave the res till Tmos,and headed to a stillwater near home,hadnt even cast out my 2nd rod,when the drop off went,nice 9lb fish to herring,825am,happy days.Decided at 9-30 to move 2 pegs down at 12-50 the drop off went and another fish around same weight, cast same rod went again and another,this time just a small one.Packed up at 3,had 2 other runs,so happier.Having problems getting pics of camera.Really pleased with the 777 roll arm,was spot on,till the next time.

Thursday, 8 March 2012


Well the weekend is approaching and  im undecided where to go..The temps are going to be 13degrees and a chance of some rain.I want to go to where i have unfinished buisness,the water hasnt been kind to me at all this season,3 fish,i will be going saturday ,but sunday im in two minds where to go,so will see what happens saturday before i decide,on another note,im really pleased with the rear arm indicators,no resistance at all,just need a fish to see if ive got them right,till the next time

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Heartbreak Res

Went with chris today,weather was rubbish,rain ,north easterlies and hail.fished in two different swims,pike were there smashing the odd roach but never had a run,one more trip could be on the cards before end of march have to see,its been Heartbreaking.till the next time.

Thursday, 1 March 2012


Went for a walk today all the way to the swim i posted a pic off the bridge.I was disgusted by all the litter and junk that people have thrown over there back fences.Litter in this country is terrible and some folk just dont care,anyway back to the fishing.So ive decided that im goin before dawn to fish the bridge till just an hour after first light,then back to the area we caught last week,the canal up to the bridge lacks depth and was really snaggy,water was a bit clearer,so roll on saturday morning.There was a chap feeding the swans with corn,so took a quick pic.till the nxt time