Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Tinca Time 29 march 2012

With the pike rods put away.its time for tench,love em.i fished last sunday for them and had no luck,so off to a new water to have a only using a good old float rod,and im fishing the lift method,fixed spool reel with the new Drennan supplex line in 6lb,sinks lovely.My baits for tench will be red maggot,dead red maggot,corn and pellets.i will be using groundbait to get a bed down but maybe in another few weeks,just feeding little and often to start off.Last year i bought a marco cortesi centre pin,i have yet to spool it up but hope to get it done for this weekend,got it through a friend for £25,excited at the prospect ,simply cos its a centre pin ,that ratchet goin,heart racing with the next trip planned its off to 3 sisters with lee,who loves tench to bits,think he will be on the pole.Anyway till the next time,Tinca Time.

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  1. Nice one Pete, Ive had great sucess the "Doctor Fish" Tinker and not just feeder fishing, Trotting on rivers and on the fly in the early morning, You and Lee will do well i just know it,
    Good Luck,