Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Pre Baiting

Something ive never tried before.So into the freezer and had a look at what bait i have left,a lot of the baits were big,also i had some sprats,about 30 of them.So chopped them all up and put them in a bucket last night.Now i suppose theres plenty of different ways of going about this.I got to the water this morning trying to keep time on what i will be fishing at on saturday.There was a couple of anglers there already so i sneaked around the other way so they didnt see me,lol.I baited up a tight spot that was easy to throw to and i will fish around the other side,which will only require an underarm cast.They seemed to be in this area last week,so hopefully they will be there saturday,they have three days before i go to munch so im interested to see if it works,if it does i will do more next season,if it doesnt nothing lost because the bait needed using up.

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