Monday, 24 April 2017

Short Carp Session 23 April 2017

I decided to go Sunday afternoon for a short session for carp on a water near where I live,I arrived at 
2-20pm and decided to fish in Peg 2 as the wind was pushing into this side of the lake,it was a lovely day for April ,nice and warm to be fair.Tactics were one rod at about 60 yards ,the other at 30 yards basically open water .I cast both rods out,both with bottom baits and scattered about 15 baits over each rod.The plan was too top up every hour.It wasn't long before I had my first bite on my right hand rod,it felt like a bream,it came off.I would have to wait nearly an hour before I had a drop back,fish on and an old mirror graced my Net.
Nice to get off the mark.I re casted and topped up the swim with more bait.
I decided to reel in my left hand rod and change to a bigger bait,re casted and topped up with some more bait.It wasn't long before my right hand rod was off again.Yet another stunning mirror this time.
As the sun was dropping now the temps dropped slightly ,but it was still a lovely evening to be out catching a few fish.At around 7-30 pm my right hand rod was off again and a nice common went over the net cord.
Then the fun began,as I was taking this pic my left hand rod screamed off,I got the common back in the net and as I was playing the other carp I could tell it was a big in,it wasn't to be as my hook pulled and the fish was off.Note to self always match the hook to the bait,I will next time.A very enjoyable short session and I will be back .Looking forward to some Tench fishing soon.
Till the next Time Bloggers.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Lee Martin Memorial Match Bradshaws Lake 3 .April 8 2017

Well another year has gone quick and we're back on brads 3 for Lees memorial match and what a cracking day it was with the weather.I Drew peg 9,not a bad spot inbetween 2 islands.It took nearly 30 minutes before I had my first bite.I was fishing the Tip with a flat bed pellet feeder ,micros and various hook baits.I was losing quite a few fish and I upped my hook size .I managed to find a snag twice and I carried on catching and still losing fish .As the day progressed it got warmer,everyone seemed to be catching on this glorious sunny day.Come afternoon I went on the pole for a short while and decided to knock it on the head and go back on the tip.I caught a few more and lost a few too.I caught a lovely ghost carp but it slipped out of my hands.One more Ide late on,and it was all out.I finished the match with 7 lb 6.
The winner was Dave Batchelor with 39 Lb.
Too my Left Peg 8
Too my right Peg 10 

My Swim
The Bait.
Till the next time .