Sunday, 28 May 2017

Rudd Rudd Rudd 27-5-17

First tench session of the season and I arrived at a water I havnt fished before for tench and a maggot approach would be my Gameplan.Now this water has a high stocking off Rudd so I fished maggot corn rigs on both rods with maggot feeders.This would prove to be a bad idea ,any way I chose my peg and was fishing two rods.
It was a lovely day,quite muggy with rain forecast so the plan was too fish till lunch and if nothing happens I had the float rod and centre pin as back up. For most off the morning it was beep beep beep,the Rudd were stripping maggots from my rigs.Then mid morning I had my first bite,a small Rudd wasn't complaining as it wasn't a blank now.At lunchtime I went on the float rod,maybe should of done earlier.I started catching greedy perch from the off,then plenty of Rudd.Nice breeze on the lake and it was cooling down nicely.
At around 1pm the rain came so I retired to the umbrella and decided to scale my rigs down ,strong enough for tench ,but I knew I might get through the Rudd to get at the tench.I kept my right hand rod as it was,changed the rig on the left hand rod.I never got chance to put the bobbin on before the Rudd came like buses one after another,I lost count of how many till I had a bite that felt decent and thought this could be a good Rudd.
1.4 lb and a new PB ,was well chuffed to get this fella.The bites were coming fast and furious and as I had to collect Julie from work I packed in at 5-30.An enjoyable day and will be back,but and its a big BUT,No Maggots on the alarm rods.And the float rod will be out again definitely.Anyway I'm off Bloggers and Tight Lines .

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Short Evening Carp session

Thought I'd update where I was up to with my carp fishing.29 April 2017 I went for a short session and as the lake was busy I decided to try the other side of the lake.Boilie on both rods ,one fished to a floating island and the other to open water.Wasnt long before the island rod was off and produced biggest carp of the season and I had no scales with me.
Really pleased with this one.It was probably an hour later before my next bite,Not big but lovely all the same.
These little carp are tricky to hold during self takes,they won't keep still.It was getting a bit breezy now with the wind pushing into this side of the lake and around 7-30 pm I managed another .
I packed up at about 8pm,3 bites from a few hours fishing ,can't complain.
Till the next time bloggers ,Tench Time .

Monday, 15 May 2017

Rig It Tackle 15-5-2017

Well it's been a while since we had a tackle review or in this case tackle I'm using.Rig It Tackle is a company based in Manchester which sell let's of great products.Im not saying this to big any one up or I get it for free,I pay for my tackle .ive been using there products for over 18 months and all orders whatever you order is only a £1 Delivery which is excellent value for money in my eyes.Im always on the lookout for good products and believe me just because it doesn't say a well known tackle company on the packet ,it's top Quality.They also do a hook sharpening service whether you want your own hooks or there hooks sharpened.Ive ordered these in the past for my canal carp fishing and these hooks are so sharp.Have a look on there website rig it tackle ,you will not be dissapointed
Products arrived today,skin tech braid which is stripable,wide pva mesh and narrow mesh which is a fantastic pva and I've used plenty and this is the best out there.
Bait screws and R4 hooks which are wide gape size 8 with an in turned eye for my barbel fishing ,a super strong hook in Matt black.
Give em a try,let me know what you think.
Tight Lines bloggers .