Monday, 15 May 2017

Rig It Tackle 15-5-2017

Well it's been a while since we had a tackle review or in this case tackle I'm using.Rig It Tackle is a company based in Manchester which sell let's of great products.Im not saying this to big any one up or I get it for free,I pay for my tackle .ive been using there products for over 18 months and all orders whatever you order is only a £1 Delivery which is excellent value for money in my eyes.Im always on the lookout for good products and believe me just because it doesn't say a well known tackle company on the packet ,it's top Quality.They also do a hook sharpening service whether you want your own hooks or there hooks sharpened.Ive ordered these in the past for my canal carp fishing and these hooks are so sharp.Have a look on there website rig it tackle ,you will not be dissapointed
Products arrived today,skin tech braid which is stripable,wide pva mesh and narrow mesh which is a fantastic pva and I've used plenty and this is the best out there.
Bait screws and R4 hooks which are wide gape size 8 with an in turned eye for my barbel fishing ,a super strong hook in Matt black.
Give em a try,let me know what you think.
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