Saturday, 28 March 2015

Northern angling show 28-3 -15

Well today I went with Eddie to the show,he had got a deal on his ticket you get a preston feeder rod 
Free admission and a few other goodies.The weather was awful,we arrived early and was at the front ,only trouble was it was chucking it down with rain.Due to insurance we were not allowed in,not good when everyone is getting soaked.
Once inside we headed over to the prestons stand,Eddie got his rod and we had a nice chat with Tommy Pickering .
Eddie and Tommy ,made eddies year ( His Hero ).
I'm not going to go on about we saw this and we bought that,but for me there wasn't enough coarse stuff for sale,what I mean is groundbaits and hook baits .This is really what I wanted,anyway bought a few bits I needed,and we left.

I got some pony z of specimen UK and matching hooks 
A new flurocarbon from specimen UK 
And 3 refills of pva for the river season.
There was some really good stuff on show and I'm sure it will be a success.
tight lines bloggers 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Sunny Sunday 22-3-15

Well today saw me go after the perch again,not the best of conditions,bright sunshine and blue sky's.
Spring is on its way and today was lovely,but would the perch come out to play.Ive been fishing an area of the lake ,that has seen me catch perch to a 1 lb but no bigger.
I decided to try another area,I chose my peg,set up and fished both rods close in,maggot feeder/chopped worm,lob worms,one popped up the other not.During the morning I was getting indications on the left hand rod,looking good.It wasn't till 11-30 and my first bite ,you guessed it 1 lb.
Another stunner,but no cigar...............
At 12 I had another bite,just a small perch,but welcome.I was feeding maggots little and often ,by 2 pm I moved my other rod closer in and that rod managed 2 liners.It would be 5-40 pm before my next bite.
Not as big ,but welcome,I fished on till dark with no further action.
Till the next time,tight lines .

Sunday, 8 March 2015

A Different Approach 8-3-15

I picked Chris up this morning,he didn't fish with me last week as he was fishing the river windrush
And by all accounts had a great trip.I decided to drop into the peg i fished last week.With the weather warming up I decided to fish a feeder,krill groundbait,maggot,caster and chopped worm ,bulked with some soil.

With the temps rising,I was hoping they would be on the feed,usual hookbait,lobworm.The weather was awful,constant rain,grey cloud,it wasn't letting up.At around 9 am my first bite,a perch of yet again a 1 lb.
Chris was catching slowly,a few roach and skimmers.At about 10.30 fish on,it went solid then slack,pike in me swim,damn.

As the day moved on,blue skies made an appearance ,lots of fish topping and fry jumping.Chris managed a couple of nice bream.As the day was was drawing to an end,the odds were stacked against me as the sun was out,few liners but nothing positive as the day came to an end.

Nice to be back out with Chris again,tight lines bloggers ,till the next time.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Wild & Windy 1-3-15

Sunday was the chosen day to go fishing.The weather forecast was gale force winds and chance of a shower of two.I set up in a different swim,one rod cast to a feature,the other rod a couple of rod lengths out.Bait would be lo worms,red maggots in the feeder with chopped worm.Once I'd set up I could sit back and relax and wait,pour a coffee and take in the view.It wasn't long before I had a beep on the margin rod,bobbin lifted steadily,fish on,a perch of 8 oz.I carried on trickling the maggots in little and often ,yet again the margin rod was off,this time the fish came off.

By now the wind had picked up and was playing hell with the alarms,I had two runs one after the other on the feature rod,I re cast,seconds later,fish on ,a nice perch of 1 lb.
Pleased with this one,it wasn't long before my margin rod was off again and another perch about 8oz.
All the action was from 9-30 till 11pm,at about 1pm the rain came,shelter up .
Was the rain had stopped,I re castes both rods and at 3pm I had a positive take on the feature rod ,it felt a good fish,then all of a sudden ,the fish came up and it wasn't a perch.
Nice winter bream,that crashed the perch party,I stayed till dusk,no more action.
Till the next time,tight lines .