Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Bream Fishing 24-6-16

On Saturday me and Eddie decided to have a day on jumbles resovoir in Bolton.
I prepared the mix 50/50 of Sonubaits bream feeder and Sonubaits super crush green.Maggots would be the hook baits as someone forgot the corn.We was going to try a new area but with my back the last week we took the option to fish pikers wall .Too cut a long story short Eddie lost more feeders than he caught fish,this area can be brutal , but fishing close in isn't the answer .I fished 40 yards out.
The morning , love that view.
My set up, the sun came out.
A small shower interupted play but didn't last long . Bites were slow I had caught 4 skimmers up to now and then a small perch.
Bright skies now and I managed a few more smaller bream, Eddie wasn't impressed at all and said he wouldn't fish here again till the water dropped its level.
Did I say earlier I love the view. With Eddie not fishing now I carried on fishing 
And caught a few more small bream before a perch over a pound graced my net.
A nice perch to end the session . Total score Browny 9 Brocky 2 minus 4 feeders so his score was -2 .
Can be a graveyard out there , lots of ledges and need to get your feeder up quick.
Tight lines .

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Gingham Fishery 18-6-16

Today would be a match at gingham fishery horwich bolton organised by breaking surface forum.I can't remember the last time I fished here but the owner has put some hard work into altering the steep staircases down to the water and replacing the old wood with flags.
Not finished yet but makes access a lot easier. Anyway back to the match I drew peg 9 and Eddie drew 13.My plan today was to fish the method, pellet wag and slow sinking feeder.Within 5 mins off all in I was into a lovely common on the method, then after a frustrating hour or so saw me catch nothing.There were the odd fish being caught but it looked like the carp were more interested in crusing around rather than feeding.I switched to the wag and after casting endless amount of times and firing pellets out I decided to fish the slow sinking feeder
With a short hook length.It wasn't long befit I was into another hard fighting mirror, but the bites were not often enough to build a decent weight.I managed a Rudd and a bream on the sinking feeder also.
Time for a Tunnocks , a yes another wrap round and another decent mirror carp bagged and a smaller one to follow not long after . Time was running out and in the last half hour I managed to catch nothing.
A few pictures I took during the day 15 anglers took part and the results were 
1st Tony 36 LB
2  Dave 32 LB
3 Browny 15-15 LB
So I came 3 and was pleased to be in the money, a nice day apart from the midges early on.
Nice common from my Haul.
The usual suspects .Tight Lines Bloggers I need to be on the River .

Monday, 6 June 2016

Local Match 6-9 pm

Good news is Eddie got the all clear from his tests and just needs two Radiation sessions now so we went to the match tonite.A new water we havnt fished before, 11 anglers this week .I drew peg 16 a nice open water peg and a kinder peg than Eddie Drew.
View from my peg, tactics method feeder and pellet wag tonite for me.I spent the first hour just getting the odd liner and nothing to show for my tactics so I switched to the pellet wag, plenty carp out there, but no cigar until I changed depth to 18 inches and bang a nice mirror of 3 lb.I just couldn't get them going and as the evening cooled down I switched back on to the method.
Eddie in his swim, he got smashed in the reeds to the left and after that no more bites .
My bottom bait feed, micros and a dumbel  pellet .It was real hard work tonite and I wish I'd fished the pole.
1st 60lb
2 21 lb
3 19lb
Great weights on a warm evening.Enjoyed being out even if the fishing was hard for me.Till the next Time.