Sunday, 24 January 2016

Sunday on the River

What a difference a week makes, snow last Sunday and 11 Degrees.  I arrived at the river and due to the rain on Saturday night the river was carrying more water than I would have liked for trotting .
I set up and trotted maggot all morning with just a trout for my efforts.I moved to a swim back up river, I set up my tip rod and fished maggot feeder, 2-5oz just held nicely .I managed to lose a trout and had a few more bites.Then I finally managed a trout

I stayed just into darkness and managed no more bites . Till the next time Bloggers.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Frosty start then a snowy End 16-1-15

Well with the rivers settling down to a decent level myself and Chris headed out to the river ,Chris in pursuit of roach,me Chub.We headed down to a spot where Chris had his best river roach last year,he fished below me and I tried a new swim.The temp was -1 with a thick frost on the banks.I settled in my swim,tactics were Tip rod and maggot feeder,during my time in this swim I had a good rap and a slow pull,time to move,the conditions now we're bright and slightly warmer.
This Robin had some sort of worm growing out of his chest.We both moved,Chris was trotting and I was further up,we stayed about an hour then moved again,a swim I fancied and Chris said to me this run looks miles better.It wasn't long before I was getting indications on the tip and was looking forward to the last two hours of the day,the sky was cloudy now and looked better to catch a few.
Chris with his first ever grayling ,his first before the snow started.I managed to hook 4 fish and loose them all,a bad work man always blames his tools and I knew it was the hooks I was using were not suited to chub.Chris went on to catch two brownies and another fine grayling in the snow.
Last trot for Chris and this produced a nice chub.A good day with highs and lows for me ,just glad 
Chris caught and we didn't blank.We packed up and headed back in the cold dark air to be faced with a hill with snow and Chris had to walk due to my van struggling to get up,it seemed like ages before Chris reached the top of the hill,I was relieved,what took you so long .Till the Next Time,stay safe.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Polaris Float for Perch 10-1-16

Today would see me return to a different water in search of bigger perch,Despite my efforts my other water hasn't produced .I chose my peg straight away,wind on my back it was a cold start with a few short showers.I fished two rods with maggot feeders loaded with chopped lobs and maggots,one rod out the other close in.As the morning progressed I had nothing to show but two bleeps on my left hand rod.I reeled in my close in rod and got my float rod and centrepin out.I would be using a Polaris float,great for deep water fishing ,flick the float out,pull some line off,float pops up,then just reel down to a small bit of tip showing.I was getting loads of finicky bites,with nothing to show,I chopped and changed with different lengths of lobs.It wasn't long before I had my first perch,not massive but that fish was in the bank,not blanking now.I caught two more and decided to fish a lob worm tail,I kept trickling maggots in little and often between 6-8 at a time.It would be just after 2 pm when my float shot under and I connected to something a lot bigger,my ratchet was clicking away as this fish went on a couple of runs,I looked at my rod tip and thought bream ,but after another run I realised this was no bream,I slipped the net over a lovely perch and thought this is what fishing is all about,the alarms sat silent but the pin clicked and he was mine...
2.4 and a New PB by 2 oz.
I knew if I changed waters I'd be in with a chance,so glad it fell to the float rod.
This was the best of 4 perch today.
Till the next time .

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Never stopped Raining 3-1-16

First day of the new year,today would see
Me fish one rod for perch and the other for roach.Im totally glad I made the decision as the rain was relentless and made the fishing difficult in very wet conditions .
Roachers Setting up.
Chris was getting into some nice roach .
1.4 roach.(Chris)
My biggest was 1.1 then Chris caught his first Perch .
1.3 Perch
I managed a total of 10 Roach , 3 skimmers and a bream .Chris was having the best off the fishing , then Boom.

1.10 and a new PB for this water.
It never stopped raining from 9.30 till 4 pm , the perch didn't play out for me.
Tight lines , Till the next time .