Sunday, 10 January 2016

Polaris Float for Perch 10-1-16

Today would see me return to a different water in search of bigger perch,Despite my efforts my other water hasn't produced .I chose my peg straight away,wind on my back it was a cold start with a few short showers.I fished two rods with maggot feeders loaded with chopped lobs and maggots,one rod out the other close in.As the morning progressed I had nothing to show but two bleeps on my left hand rod.I reeled in my close in rod and got my float rod and centrepin out.I would be using a Polaris float,great for deep water fishing ,flick the float out,pull some line off,float pops up,then just reel down to a small bit of tip showing.I was getting loads of finicky bites,with nothing to show,I chopped and changed with different lengths of lobs.It wasn't long before I had my first perch,not massive but that fish was in the bank,not blanking now.I caught two more and decided to fish a lob worm tail,I kept trickling maggots in little and often between 6-8 at a time.It would be just after 2 pm when my float shot under and I connected to something a lot bigger,my ratchet was clicking away as this fish went on a couple of runs,I looked at my rod tip and thought bream ,but after another run I realised this was no bream,I slipped the net over a lovely perch and thought this is what fishing is all about,the alarms sat silent but the pin clicked and he was mine...
2.4 and a New PB by 2 oz.
I knew if I changed waters I'd be in with a chance,so glad it fell to the float rod.
This was the best of 4 perch today.
Till the next time .

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