Sunday, 31 May 2015

Canal Carp 30-5-15

Well my last two sessions have drawn blanks.I decided to go back to an area I fished last year.upon leaving the van I felt a twinge on my hip, as I made my way to my swim choice ,I set up cast out and tried to relax,well over 3 hours later of trying to get up and stretch and try to walk it off, I packed up, biteless and in pain.Till the next time ,Tight Lines
A few pictures 

Saturday, 23 May 2015

BS Charity Match 16-5-15

So the yearly charity match held by breaking surface forum for the charity wipe your tears.I drew peg 24 and really fancied it, the lake had floating islands installed , these proved to be the winning pegs as two anglers battled it out, I fished feeder for 2 carp and 2 bream, I changed over to the slow sinking feeder and caught regular, not good enough though for 24-8.
1st 203 lb
2 118 lb
3 77 lb
Always a good day for a good cause and happy to take part.
Any way tight lines, back on the canal as I type, till the next time .

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Canal Carp 1-5-15

I've not blogged for a while,my mum has been in hospital,I missed the best weather due to being busy at work ,and I havnt been fishing.Like last season I tried my hand trying to catch a canal carp,so while I wait for the weather to warm up for bream and tench,or should I say wait for the tench to wake up.
I am trying a different area of the canal,simple solid bag with 15 mm pop up.I had one rod close to the end of a barge,and the other rod just off the end of another barge.It was a lovely evening to be out
I had a few beeps ,probably small fish having a feed on the goodies.Then about 8-30 pm my left hand rod was off,a nice bream around 6 lb.I re cast to the same area ,and waited.

I had a run on my left hand rod,didn't connect.I over cast this time hit the roof of the barge,pulled it back right on the spot lol.As darkness fell I was into another bream about 4 lb.
At just after 10 pm I packed up,no carp.
A nice Bream  ,till the next time Bloggers ................