Sunday, 27 September 2015

3 Foot Twitches 25 September 2015

Well with my van sorted and my last river session ended in disaster with the river being out of soughts
With weed being the main problem I headed back up there Friday night knowing that the traffic on the way up there would see me not having long to set up and get the rods out before Darkness Falls.
I arrived at my swim ,I fished one rod on pellet and feeder,the other on a bomb,bag and a boillie.
It was round about 7-30 I had a vicious rap on my boillie rod.At 8 pm I re cast both rods and waited.
At around 8-30 I had a vicious 3 foot twitch,fish on ......
Just a splasher,a fish I've caught a few times,look at the tail,fell to Boillie.
I had too wait till about 9 pm for my next bite,another vicious pull round,fish on.
A lot bigger than my last one,fell to Pellet.
As I was re casting my rod due to catching,I re cast both rods to get some more bait out there.
It was round about 9-45 I had the most vicious take of them all,nearly pulled my rod in,after some fantastic runs,I netted her at the second attempt,I turned my torch on to look in the net and thought,it's a double or was it a usual 9 plus that I'd been catching.
10.4 and a new PB,well chuffed.
I packed up at 11-15 as the river was dropping and as I hadn't any more action I thought,can't get any better than my first Ribble  Double ,so I headed home,straight into roadworks that took an hour to get through,wasn't well pleased.
Tight lines bloggers,till the next time.........

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Spooling up my Reels For Perch

I decided to re spool my reels for my perch fishing.Last season I was using Diawa Sensor in 6 Lb
Which don't get me wrong it's a great all round line , strong and very reliable , and as the old saying goes if it ain't broke don't fix it .
I was after a casting line, so being impressed with spider wire braid when I was lure fishing in America last year I decided to try the Spiderwire EZ Mono in 
Lo Vis Green, easy casting, strong and lo stretch.
Soaked for a couple of hours in water.
Spools backed, and tape wrapped round old line .
All spooled up, great line lay.
The box , 220 yards , with backing my spools equally I got 110 yards on each 
Which is plenty, why waste line, doesn't make sense putting 220 yards on each spool. 
Tight lines Bloggers 

Friday, 11 September 2015

Brocky Does The Treble.11-9-15

After the fortnight I've had with work , my van and a waste of space garage I got 
Out with Eddie today on jumbles again.
The last two sessions have seen Eddie 
Win both sessions.We decided to try a different area this time , but after 30 mins we moved to where we fished last weekend . 
The weather was a mixed bag today , sunny and cloudy at times with the chop on the water blowing the opposite way to our last session.The fishing was slow with me catching perch and Eddie catching roach.
Eddie chucking out on the spot.
The scores were pretty close all day with me leading way with just perch.
Eddie topped up his swim with a few more feeders, and this brought the bream to his swim .
Another bream for Eddie saw him take the lead as a few more came to the net.
I had a chance to level but I bumped off
A couple of roach . 
It looked liked Eddie was going to do the treble over me, a few roach and eddies lead was 2 in front and the score was 15 -13 for Eddie .
Really enjoyed these sessions and will
Be back .
Brocky 3 Browny 0
A great day out , till the next session river bound , can't wait.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Quantity v Quality 6-9-15

IMyself and Eddie decided to return to jumbles Resovoir.The weather looked spot on with the sun showing every now and again .I took Eddie to a different part of the res, simply being not as snaggy and I've always thought the fishing was better in the past .
It wasn't long before Eddie had caught 5 roach, nothing for me , then boom
Mines bigger 
Then another roach for Eddie , I was lagging well behind , then a good wrap round produced this 
Sadly no scales 6-2 back in the game.
My swim started to produce and I was catching all the quality bream.

A nice bream to Eddie, happier now as he was catching a few better fish,we both had pike on aswell during the day
I got bit off and Eddie played one and kept his fish .i was getting the better stamp of bream throughout the day, I just couldn't make the numbers up, eddies lead was getting bigger.
Eddie managed a couple of nice perch aswell.
This one came at the end of the day.
So it worked out Brocky 38 Browny 20.
was a great day with Eddie the overall winner in numbers  and myself the quality weight wise. Can't wait to go again.
Till the next time bloggers .

Friday, 4 September 2015

Mixing Groundbait 4-9-15

Over the years I've never had a problem mixing Groundbait , there's quite a few Groundbaits on the market that have instructions like sonnubaits and maryuku 
Which make life easier .
Well here's mine 
Two baits I'm mixing together to get a sweet smell for Bream and a clean bucket.
Water has now been added , and ready to riddle to remove lumps and air.
Now time to riddle .
Add your mix to riddle and rub with hands .
It should look nice and fluffy , it should squeeze together like in my hand, when you rub between fingers it should go back to a nice fluff mix.
I've just riddled it again, adding a bit more water and now it's ready for tomorrow's session for Bream. 
Remember just add water as you mix 
Too much will make it go lumpy so just add a little at a time.
Tight lines , Till the next time.