Friday, 11 September 2015

Brocky Does The Treble.11-9-15

After the fortnight I've had with work , my van and a waste of space garage I got 
Out with Eddie today on jumbles again.
The last two sessions have seen Eddie 
Win both sessions.We decided to try a different area this time , but after 30 mins we moved to where we fished last weekend . 
The weather was a mixed bag today , sunny and cloudy at times with the chop on the water blowing the opposite way to our last session.The fishing was slow with me catching perch and Eddie catching roach.
Eddie chucking out on the spot.
The scores were pretty close all day with me leading way with just perch.
Eddie topped up his swim with a few more feeders, and this brought the bream to his swim .
Another bream for Eddie saw him take the lead as a few more came to the net.
I had a chance to level but I bumped off
A couple of roach . 
It looked liked Eddie was going to do the treble over me, a few roach and eddies lead was 2 in front and the score was 15 -13 for Eddie .
Really enjoyed these sessions and will
Be back .
Brocky 3 Browny 0
A great day out , till the next session river bound , can't wait.

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