Sunday, 6 September 2015

Quantity v Quality 6-9-15

IMyself and Eddie decided to return to jumbles Resovoir.The weather looked spot on with the sun showing every now and again .I took Eddie to a different part of the res, simply being not as snaggy and I've always thought the fishing was better in the past .
It wasn't long before Eddie had caught 5 roach, nothing for me , then boom
Mines bigger 
Then another roach for Eddie , I was lagging well behind , then a good wrap round produced this 
Sadly no scales 6-2 back in the game.
My swim started to produce and I was catching all the quality bream.

A nice bream to Eddie, happier now as he was catching a few better fish,we both had pike on aswell during the day
I got bit off and Eddie played one and kept his fish .i was getting the better stamp of bream throughout the day, I just couldn't make the numbers up, eddies lead was getting bigger.
Eddie managed a couple of nice perch aswell.
This one came at the end of the day.
So it worked out Brocky 38 Browny 20.
was a great day with Eddie the overall winner in numbers  and myself the quality weight wise. Can't wait to go again.
Till the next time bloggers .

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