Friday, 4 September 2015

Mixing Groundbait 4-9-15

Over the years I've never had a problem mixing Groundbait , there's quite a few Groundbaits on the market that have instructions like sonnubaits and maryuku 
Which make life easier .
Well here's mine 
Two baits I'm mixing together to get a sweet smell for Bream and a clean bucket.
Water has now been added , and ready to riddle to remove lumps and air.
Now time to riddle .
Add your mix to riddle and rub with hands .
It should look nice and fluffy , it should squeeze together like in my hand, when you rub between fingers it should go back to a nice fluff mix.
I've just riddled it again, adding a bit more water and now it's ready for tomorrow's session for Bream. 
Remember just add water as you mix 
Too much will make it go lumpy so just add a little at a time.
Tight lines , Till the next time. 

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