Sunday, 30 August 2015

A Day On The Resovoir 29-8-15

I mentioned to Eddie if he fancied a days fishing on Jumbles Resovoir in Bolton, so Eddie picked up the day tickets, I got the bait and off we went. We decided to fish of the wall area , quite convineient for parking, the water was down by at least 7 ft . The tactics today would be simple old school feeder fishing, maggot, caster and worms with a ground bait feeder.
The view we had on an overcast day, plenty chop on the water . We both clipped up to our spots and put a few feeders out, then we started.
As Eddie isn't used to this style of fishing
It was turning out to be a slow start for him with one perch , and I was in the lead by 4-1. As the morning wore on the rain arrived .
It didn't last long and I couldn't work out if Eddie was playing golf or fishing.
The rain didn't last long and we were both catching again, missing plenty of bites and I dropped a bite at what should of been 13-8, reminder use net to land small roach , score now 12-9. Losing that cushion now over Eddie .as the day wore on , I was missing bites and Eddie was catching roach on the drop now, we now had a new leader, Eddie .Eddie managed to lose two good bream during the course of the day.
The final score was Eddie 18 me 14
I managed 4 bream, 9 roach and a perch
It was great to get out and fish with Eddie
An enjoyable day that we soon will be back again for another go at those bream.

Waiting for a pull. Till the next time .

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