Monday, 10 August 2015

Low River 8-8-15

I headed up to the river Saturday night feeling should I have gone fishing for something else.We have had a mixed summer,lovely evenings,poor rainy weather at weekends,so unpredictable .Id made my mind up where I was going and fancied 3 areas where I was hoping there would be a few bites after my previous session was a blank.
Usual method ,light lead,bag ,pellet and boilie.I was getting some knocks and plucks on my right hand rod ,this brought back my enthusiasm .The margins were alive with minnows ,dispersing like a shoal under threat from small perch,lovely to watch on what was a lovely evening.
It would be 8 pm before my first bite,yes my right hand rod roared off.
A nice Chub to get me off the mark.....
I was now getting indications on my left hand rod .As time ticked away I recast both rods,both showing indications of fish in the area.It wasn't until later on,I made a longer cast downstream and within minutes,and a good fight for such a small fish.
Not a monster,but a welcome Barbel.Tight Lines a Bloggers Till the next time,we need some Rain.

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