Monday, 30 May 2016

Local Match 6-9 Pm

Tonite  would see me fish an evening match with my mate Eddie .He was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer before X mas and tonite would be his first time out fishing before he gets his results tomorrow, really hope he gets the all clear and get back on with his life , you won't meet a nicer guy than Eddie. I drew peg 8 and Eddie drew 9. Tactics would be bream for both of us , ground bait , maggot , castor and corn hook baits .
My peg, oh my gosh was it slow, not a touch for the first hour .
My mix , light coloured ground bait scopex and krill, few balls to kick the swim , instead of keep casting out feeders out. 
Pull round I thought , wasn't happening so went on the pole , nice chop on the water but lots of glare from the sun, I introduced a ball of ground bait and castor  and fished maggot .
Eddie watching his tip, it finally pulled round on his close in line and a lovely bream.By the end of the match , I managed to blank , the final weights were .
1 st 5-13
2nd 3-2 Eddie
3rd 2-2
Poor weights, 10 fished the match , 
A disappoint all round. me and Eddie were sharing winnings so less the bait I walked away with my match fee .Hope he gets the all clear tmos .Tight lines and till the next time .

Friday, 20 May 2016

Quick Overnighter

Well last Saturday tea time I decided to go for a an overnighter on a local water and try to tempt a carp 
I arrived at the water and had a quick walk round trying to spot some fish ,it was a warm sunny evening and with a temperature drop overnight I chose my peg after spotting a couple of carp ,one rod close in and the other fished too a feature.I got both rods out with a solid bag and a stringer of 6 Boilies on each bag.I got the brolly up and bedchair and settle back with a sandwich and a brew lapping up all the sun.It was round about 8 pm and my close in rod roared off,after a short fight I netted an old warrior.
A lovely mirror on my close in rod...........
After putting the carp back I decided to relax and wait for night too fall.The sun went down and the temperature plummeted about 6 degrees,a light wind and plenty of bleeps as a load of geese came crashing into the water .I managed to drift off at about 11 pm and just after midnight I had a drop back on my close in rod and the fish felt good,but it wasn't a carp it was a big Bream,of which I managed to bump off with the net,as I was half asleep.Rod back out and between losing that bream I was constantly getting liners from bream.At 3-30 am I had a take on my left hand rod and it was a bream off about 4 lb ,not exactly what I wanted at the wee small hours.I decided to bring that rod in and just leave my margin rod out.I was up early with no more takes I re baited both rods and fished till 8-30am and packed up and went home.Learned a lot from the session and will definitely be back.
Tight Lines Bloggers ,Till the next time.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Too Hot 8-5-16

I've not blogged as I haven't been out fishing.My mum had an heart attack and I just haven't felt like fishing ,she is still in hospital and still has a long way to go but is getting better.Ive just joined a new fishing club as I was looking for some waters close by so if I fancy a few hours I don't have miles to travel.
The water I fished today I decided to fish the tip rod and pole and just have a pleasure fish to see what I could catch.
I lost a good carp early on to a snapped hook link , I'd had lots of indications and this was my first positive indication all morning.I decided to go on the pole for an hour or so, it was really warm now but the breeze was wam too and it was difficult to keep the pole still.My first bite was a Rudd and as I was netting the Rudd a perch tried to grab the Rudd and I was surprised when I brought my net in I had the perch aswell .
I managed one F1 shortly after but the bites dried up and went back on the feeder.It was very hot now mid afternoon so I packed up to go visit my mum ,but looking forward to going back.
Tight Lines Bloggers