Monday, 30 May 2016

Local Match 6-9 Pm

Tonite  would see me fish an evening match with my mate Eddie .He was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer before X mas and tonite would be his first time out fishing before he gets his results tomorrow, really hope he gets the all clear and get back on with his life , you won't meet a nicer guy than Eddie. I drew peg 8 and Eddie drew 9. Tactics would be bream for both of us , ground bait , maggot , castor and corn hook baits .
My peg, oh my gosh was it slow, not a touch for the first hour .
My mix , light coloured ground bait scopex and krill, few balls to kick the swim , instead of keep casting out feeders out. 
Pull round I thought , wasn't happening so went on the pole , nice chop on the water but lots of glare from the sun, I introduced a ball of ground bait and castor  and fished maggot .
Eddie watching his tip, it finally pulled round on his close in line and a lovely bream.By the end of the match , I managed to blank , the final weights were .
1 st 5-13
2nd 3-2 Eddie
3rd 2-2
Poor weights, 10 fished the match , 
A disappoint all round. me and Eddie were sharing winnings so less the bait I walked away with my match fee .Hope he gets the all clear tmos .Tight lines and till the next time .

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