Monday, 9 May 2016

Too Hot 8-5-16

I've not blogged as I haven't been out fishing.My mum had an heart attack and I just haven't felt like fishing ,she is still in hospital and still has a long way to go but is getting better.Ive just joined a new fishing club as I was looking for some waters close by so if I fancy a few hours I don't have miles to travel.
The water I fished today I decided to fish the tip rod and pole and just have a pleasure fish to see what I could catch.
I lost a good carp early on to a snapped hook link , I'd had lots of indications and this was my first positive indication all morning.I decided to go on the pole for an hour or so, it was really warm now but the breeze was wam too and it was difficult to keep the pole still.My first bite was a Rudd and as I was netting the Rudd a perch tried to grab the Rudd and I was surprised when I brought my net in I had the perch aswell .
I managed one F1 shortly after but the bites dried up and went back on the feeder.It was very hot now mid afternoon so I packed up to go visit my mum ,but looking forward to going back.
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