Monday, 18 April 2016

Cold April 14-4-16

Well I decided to have a Stillwater session fishing the pole and feeder rod I could not believe there was goin to be an overnight frost as I was coming down the motorway on Saturday evening and noticed the Gritters were out.I chose my peg and was fishing the pole 2 plus 3 in about 7 ft of water and all the bites were very finicky.It took a while to get them going and all I could tempt were Roach.
My swimn was warm when the sun came out and when it got windy which was cold it made it difficult to present the float I went on the feeder for an hour with not a touch I went back on the pole and caught a bonus perch , nice stripy.
Lovely size aswell , I continued to catch roach and then packed in.Spring is here but this cold weather continues.Be glad when it warms up.
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