Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cabin Fever

So with the UK covered in snow,some area,s worse than others and what seems like yet another winter where we cant cope with the snow,i could go on,simple really....Learn from the americans and canadiens.Rant over,i need to get out.Having not worked now for 5 weeks im fed up,no money to travel far and limited with waters close by being frozen.Im hoping to get out at weekend,but will it be Chub or Pike,cant make my mind up.with all the salt and snow i think it will make fishing hard and this will put the fish off.Some more sub - zero temps to come before weekend then turning milder with sw winds,sunday looks a good day.So it could either be 2 pints of maggots or back after the pike.Hopefully get out ,blow of the cobwebs and have something to look forward to.I cant post pictures on my blog,this is something i need to sort out,computers can be so annoying......

Thursday, 10 January 2013

10th January 2013 Back to Canal

After searching google earth i decided on what looked like two good lengths to go at.I arrived early just as it became light.After a 15min walk i arrived and fished smelt on one rod ,herring on the other.I was in on the smelt rod after 10 mins,a small jack that decided to tail walk.Quick picture and put it back.I worked the length for 4 hours,no more fish.I headed back towards the bridge and dropped in next to a barge for 20 mins.I had nothing there so i walked 10 mins the other way to another area i had researched.A change of bait to mackeral on one rod and stayed with smelt on the other,i worked them till dark.Looking forward till my next session.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Canal Update 9-1-13

Ive been putting a lot of time and effort in,Lure,s.short sessions looking for my Canal 20.Ive now found 3 or 4 good areas and am looking forward to getting back on them.Im going to concentrate on Dead Baits for now,temps are dropping this week with a good possibility the canal will freeze over,a few good places i have found now that wont frreze over on the canal.Ive found an area where the smaller fish shoal up and this is my banker swim,so till the next time....

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Back out on the Dead Baits 6-1-13

After having a few short trips out on the lures,with only one pike to show,i decided to get back out on the dead,s at a local water.I decided to start in a usual spot where ive had fish before.I fished two rods,both on pencil floats,baits were smelt & roach.The day started off really foggy,so had one close in and the other about 6 rod lengths out.it was about 9-25 when the first bite came,i struck and no fish and no bait.I quickly got another bait out,mackeral was cast on the money and 20 mins later im into a jack,did a quick self take,put the fish back.Seems the app on my iphone froze,so no pic,damn.I moved and chose a different area,the close in rod went and yet again,no fish but didnt lose my bait.I carried on around the lake trying various areas.So the day ended 3 bite,s 1 pike.Im getting a bit fed up now with this water as there doesnt seem to be any bigger pike,or im going to have to try another tactic.Im thinking of spending the time to catch bait and try livey,s.Maybe this way i might find the bigger fish,who knows.Till the next time...

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

First Pike of 2013

First off all Happy New Year.Decided to fish local today.The plan was to Lure fish and cover as much water as possible with various lures.I arrived just after 9-30 to an overcast day with a good breeze.I started at the shallower part and worked my way round.I saw a few pike strike and tried to tempt them to no avail.I moved to the deeper swims and tried all the usual area,s.I moved up the water and changed to an original big s,re-named the DS.It wasnt long before a pike struck close in,not a big fish but a welcombe start.I tried a few more swims and moved on to a canal.The canal was very windy,tried an area ive fished before,no follows,so walked in the opposite direction,a good walk.I reached a bridge and tried under ,still no follows,my phone rang so sheltered round the back of the bridge.I finished my chat and was about to carry on when i saw another damn pike angler set up,so decided to move,i walked up and as i passed him it turned out to be mark,i knew him lol.we had a quick chat and i moved on.I walked down to a big bend,but nothing.I walked back to go and try an area further back down towards where the van was parked.As i passed mark i did the honours netting a fish and photo,s .An old pike 17.4,very pale almost grey looking,which look as though it had been dragged up the bank at some point.I said see ya too mark and headed off for home.Till the next time.....
Caught on an Original Big S ,Perch Pattern