Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cabin Fever

So with the UK covered in snow,some area,s worse than others and what seems like yet another winter where we cant cope with the snow,i could go on,simple really....Learn from the americans and canadiens.Rant over,i need to get out.Having not worked now for 5 weeks im fed up,no money to travel far and limited with waters close by being frozen.Im hoping to get out at weekend,but will it be Chub or Pike,cant make my mind up.with all the salt and snow i think it will make fishing hard and this will put the fish off.Some more sub - zero temps to come before weekend then turning milder with sw winds,sunday looks a good day.So it could either be 2 pints of maggots or back after the pike.Hopefully get out ,blow of the cobwebs and have something to look forward to.I cant post pictures on my blog,this is something i need to sort out,computers can be so annoying......

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