Sunday, 6 January 2013

Back out on the Dead Baits 6-1-13

After having a few short trips out on the lures,with only one pike to show,i decided to get back out on the dead,s at a local water.I decided to start in a usual spot where ive had fish before.I fished two rods,both on pencil floats,baits were smelt & roach.The day started off really foggy,so had one close in and the other about 6 rod lengths was about 9-25 when the first bite came,i struck and no fish and no bait.I quickly got another bait out,mackeral was cast on the money and 20 mins later im into a jack,did a quick self take,put the fish back.Seems the app on my iphone froze,so no pic,damn.I moved and chose a different area,the close in rod went and yet again,no fish but didnt lose my bait.I carried on around the lake trying various areas.So the day ended 3 bite,s 1 pike.Im getting a bit fed up now with this water as there doesnt seem to be any bigger pike,or im going to have to try another tactic.Im thinking of spending the time to catch bait and try livey,s.Maybe this way i might find the bigger fish,who knows.Till the next time...

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