Sunday, 31 July 2016

3 Barbel Twitches

Well after last weeks blank on a rainy evening last Saturday where I bumped what felt like a chub off 
That was my only action of that night.So last night I headed up to the river with a long walk in mind.
I arrived at the river loaded up the barrow and off I went,I was looking at various swims along the way and I settled on a swim about 100 yards past where I'd scored 4 barbel a couple of weeks ago .
The river was low and clear,there were two other anglers fishing about 90 yards away down stream from me crashing big feeders and firing pellets out .I opted to fish one rod and if nothing happened within the hour I'd move below where I had fished before.I had been there now just over an hour fish were topping and i had managed just a few twitches ,Doubt was setting in now,should I stay or should I go .In just over an hours fishing I was casting on average every 20 minutes to get some bait down .
Total opposite to me the 2 guys downstream were filling the river in crashing feeders out there probably spooking the barbel into not feeding on there spots.The evening was blue skies and lots of cloud cover and quite warm.By 8 pm I was getting a few twitches and pulls and now I was feeling confident again.
I was now contemplating shortening my hook length when the 3 foot twitch came and after a few crazy runs I pulled my first barbel over the net.
And what a cracker it was,around 8-20 pm,well chuffed as I saw the two anglers who were down stream packing up.Got me thinking now,there's an option ,go fish over there bait,but I didn't .
So now I got my other rod out before dark,plan of attack was casting that rod every 15 mins with a bigger feeder,pellet on the hair and after probably 4 casts just leave that rod out and concentrate on my other rod ,topping up the swim .As darkness fell I was getting some really quick twitches now and was looking good for a bite.As the time went by I could hear a clutch going on the far bank an angler had set up just before dark and was into a good barbel,would it be my turn soon.Then around about 10-30 after having no action to the pellet rod I was just getting up to reel the rod in to change to boilie
No time as soon as I stood up my rod pulled over violently,I leaned into another crazy fight in the low water conditions and finally after a few good runs I finally pulled my prize over the net cord another lovely barbel.
After I'd took this pic,I waded out into the river and rested the fish in the net,I walked back to sort my rod out,and boom the pellet rod was off,what a crazy run this barbel went on,my clutch was melting 
And I still had a barbel in my net,no chance of netting this one with one already in the net,so here's me playing what could be my best fish of the night trying inbetween runs to release the barbel from my night,which was no easy task.I managed to get the barbel out of the net and on its way,but this one was taking me all over place .Finally have two more runs near the net,I netted what looked and felt a double.I rested the fish in deeper water.Got everything ready and it went 10.8 a new PB and my second ribble double .
What a beauty.10.8
Same fish was well pleased on what was a slow night and I did the right thing in the end sticking it out like I did.So after this fish I re baited both rods cast out,poured a celebratory Coffee lit a cigarette and kicked back for 15 minutes.Nothing happened so I packed up and took the long walk back to the van .
Tight lines bloggers,Till the next time .

Sunday, 17 July 2016

River Session Part 2

So my rod hooped over just under the hour before I was going to move and I was into my first barbel which was fighting like stink,it wasn't long before she was mine and in the net.
It would be another 45 mins before my next bite and even though she was small another decent fight for a splasher.
It wasn't dark yet and I was awaiting some action in the dark,plenty twitches and pulls.Before darkness came I put my second rod out and my first bite was an eel.Then it was probably just into dark my next bite and it was a 4-13 Chub ,probably go easy five plus in winter.
And it was a cracker ,Really pleased with this lovely Chub.My left hand rod now was getting twitches and pulls then boom another vicious  take,Barbel on and another great fight in the flow.
Not massive but there all welcome.My next cast wasn't in the water long before I bagged another eel .
I had decided to pack in at 11-45pm ,then vicious take and a big scrap to my biggest barbel of the night,plenty runs on the clutch ,and finally the prize was mine.
A lovely barbel.So when I packed up I was checking my peg and I noticed something swimming close in ,so I climbed down checked everything was solid and could see the smaller barbel I had was swimming about in 12 inches of water and as there was a grassy bank just below my peg it couldn't find its way back into the river,so I scooped it up with my hands and guided her back to the river.I shone my torch one last time and spotted the last fish I caught and did the same,Glad I checked what I'd saw.Now for the long walk back to the van being attacked by every fly and midges.
A real enjoyable session in a new peg .
Tight Lines ,Till the next session .

River Session Part 1

The Saturday evening was going to be my first outing on the river trying out a new stretch.Upon arrival I spent 15 mins looking at pegs and I didn't really fancy any , so a walk was in order, a long walk aswell as I wasn't really fancying any pegs I'd looked at.After walking for about 20 mins I put my gear down and had a look at 2 areas I fancied , but my mind was telling me go back to this peg I had seen 50 yards up river , so I did and after a bit of tredding down nettles and a few other various vegetation clearing I set up one rod as the idea was to fish for an hour and move before dark if I wasn't having any Success .
In my last blog I mentioned bait and this is the bait I'm using. I thought hard and long about using up what I had left and decided to start afresh with new bait .
My feeder mix, ground halibut pellet,and a selection of various pellets.Hard to see in picture but before I set of I had glugged the pellets with TC Glug a nice and smelly and oily mix.I just have to add a little water .Pack it in feeder and let the flow do the work .
My hook baits and feeders .
My sponsors for all my fishing Trips.
A nice moody black and white shot .
Back to the fishing I was fishing a gully about 3 rod lengths out and was getting plenty of small twitches and Knocks for the first 30 mins .I wasn't going to fish 2 rods until dark so I was only fishing the one rod.It was a lovely warm evening and 
It wasn't long before my rod bent over in a vicious Take .
Part 2 to follow 

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Barbel Bait 7 July 2016

Well the new river season is upon us and I'm sorting my gear out ready to get out there and try to catch a few Barbel this season.So I'm going through my bait and I have been using Dynamite sardine and Anchovy Boilies and sonubaits Elleptical Pellets and now both these products are no longer available .What is it with tackle companies changing baits to catch the angler,now don't get me wrong here but the pellets were perfect for hook baits and I have about 80 left so I have enough to kick my season off and will have to look for another replacement .I did hear they were too expensive to make and if that was the case why didn't they just increase the price instead of bringing out Silly named pellets.On the boilie front I had no early success on the sardine & anchovy but I stuck with them and soaked them in a glug.I did this to try and put some more smell into the bait and I gained more confidence and started catching on them.I have approx 54 left ,glug drained off and put them in small pots to kick off my season while I decide on a new boilie.Im looking forward to fishing the river this season and try out a few more stretches and learn a bit more.
Tight lines,hope my next blog is on the River .