Sunday, 17 July 2016

River Session Part 1

The Saturday evening was going to be my first outing on the river trying out a new stretch.Upon arrival I spent 15 mins looking at pegs and I didn't really fancy any , so a walk was in order, a long walk aswell as I wasn't really fancying any pegs I'd looked at.After walking for about 20 mins I put my gear down and had a look at 2 areas I fancied , but my mind was telling me go back to this peg I had seen 50 yards up river , so I did and after a bit of tredding down nettles and a few other various vegetation clearing I set up one rod as the idea was to fish for an hour and move before dark if I wasn't having any Success .
In my last blog I mentioned bait and this is the bait I'm using. I thought hard and long about using up what I had left and decided to start afresh with new bait .
My feeder mix, ground halibut pellet,and a selection of various pellets.Hard to see in picture but before I set of I had glugged the pellets with TC Glug a nice and smelly and oily mix.I just have to add a little water .Pack it in feeder and let the flow do the work .
My hook baits and feeders .
My sponsors for all my fishing Trips.
A nice moody black and white shot .
Back to the fishing I was fishing a gully about 3 rod lengths out and was getting plenty of small twitches and Knocks for the first 30 mins .I wasn't going to fish 2 rods until dark so I was only fishing the one rod.It was a lovely warm evening and 
It wasn't long before my rod bent over in a vicious Take .
Part 2 to follow 

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