Sunday, 17 July 2016

River Session Part 2

So my rod hooped over just under the hour before I was going to move and I was into my first barbel which was fighting like stink,it wasn't long before she was mine and in the net.
It would be another 45 mins before my next bite and even though she was small another decent fight for a splasher.
It wasn't dark yet and I was awaiting some action in the dark,plenty twitches and pulls.Before darkness came I put my second rod out and my first bite was an eel.Then it was probably just into dark my next bite and it was a 4-13 Chub ,probably go easy five plus in winter.
And it was a cracker ,Really pleased with this lovely Chub.My left hand rod now was getting twitches and pulls then boom another vicious  take,Barbel on and another great fight in the flow.
Not massive but there all welcome.My next cast wasn't in the water long before I bagged another eel .
I had decided to pack in at 11-45pm ,then vicious take and a big scrap to my biggest barbel of the night,plenty runs on the clutch ,and finally the prize was mine.
A lovely barbel.So when I packed up I was checking my peg and I noticed something swimming close in ,so I climbed down checked everything was solid and could see the smaller barbel I had was swimming about in 12 inches of water and as there was a grassy bank just below my peg it couldn't find its way back into the river,so I scooped it up with my hands and guided her back to the river.I shone my torch one last time and spotted the last fish I caught and did the same,Glad I checked what I'd saw.Now for the long walk back to the van being attacked by every fly and midges.
A real enjoyable session in a new peg .
Tight Lines ,Till the next session .


  1. some really nice fish for your efforts there Pete,