Thursday, 7 July 2016

Barbel Bait 7 July 2016

Well the new river season is upon us and I'm sorting my gear out ready to get out there and try to catch a few Barbel this season.So I'm going through my bait and I have been using Dynamite sardine and Anchovy Boilies and sonubaits Elleptical Pellets and now both these products are no longer available .What is it with tackle companies changing baits to catch the angler,now don't get me wrong here but the pellets were perfect for hook baits and I have about 80 left so I have enough to kick my season off and will have to look for another replacement .I did hear they were too expensive to make and if that was the case why didn't they just increase the price instead of bringing out Silly named pellets.On the boilie front I had no early success on the sardine & anchovy but I stuck with them and soaked them in a glug.I did this to try and put some more smell into the bait and I gained more confidence and started catching on them.I have approx 54 left ,glug drained off and put them in small pots to kick off my season while I decide on a new boilie.Im looking forward to fishing the river this season and try out a few more stretches and learn a bit more.
Tight lines,hope my next blog is on the River .

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