Tuesday, 11 November 2014

River Looked Spot On 9-11-14

Ian messaged me and said was i out,i said it wouldnt be till 6pm,so he headed up river earlier and i arrived as expected.The river and conditions looked spot on.A swim i wanted to try was taken ,so i headed to a new peg.Plan of attack would be boilies on both rods and pva bags,i fished one rod close in and the other downstream.I text ian and he said he had not had any fish .My left hand rod twitched twice and i lifted into my first bite,a chub.

Not much room in the peg,so not a great pic,chub never seem to want there picture taken,lol

It would be another hour before any movement in my rod,at first i thought i had a leaf or weed on my line
when the rod moved again,i struck and fish on,after a good fight,she was mine.

A nice barbel,bit to close to the camera.......................................

At about 9 pm ian turned up and said he was going to fish below me,i decided to stay another hour and if nothing happened i would move too.At 10 pm i packed up and got the peg i wanted earlier.I got both  rods out ,sat back and enjoyed a coffee.I managed two twitches and called it a draw at 11-30pm.
Ian managed a chub,so we headed home,Browny 2 Mann 1...............................................

Tight Lines bloggers,just cant say no to my barbel fishing at the moment,lets see what happens this week.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

November Barbel Bonanza And A New PB 1-11-14

Well it looked a  really good evening to fish the river,a decent level of water,mild weather and low pressure.
I really hadnt made my mind up where to fish upon arrival at 6-30pm,this time last week it was still light,this week pitch black . I decide to fish an area that had seen me catch a few fish lately and i had an idea the barbel would be in the shallower area of the river.

This week i would fish a boilie and pva bag on each rod and feed a few boilies.I fished across to a deep hole and up streamed my other rod.Then it was time to sit back and wait,leaving the rods for 30 mins before recasting.It was really mild evening with the wind blowing across river ,as usual a marker at the side of my rods to keep an eye on the level.

I had just poured a coffee and had one sip as my right hand rod tore off,burning my lips in the process.Soon as i had the rod im my hands my spool went into meltdown as this fish went on a powerful run,it felt a really decent fish,was it the double i havnt caught yet,i turned the fish and after a couple more runs i guided her over the net at the second attempt. I turned on my torch to have a look,she looked big,was it a double.
I rested her in the net while i sorted my sling and scales.

I decided to weigh her first,rest her then take pictures,the scales hit 10,then were bouncing between 9.13 -9.15 till they settled at 9.13.Well chuffed smashed my pb by 11 oz.

The two sides.............9.13 NEW PB Barbel

I had only been fishing just over half an hour when i caught her,my next barbel came 10 mins later,a splasher barbel.It wasnt long before my right hand rod went again,and no 3 was in the net.

Another splasher barbel....................................

My next bite came not long after on the same rod a fish of the same size,barbel no4.I had only been there about an hour and a half and id managed 4 barbel,my next bite was a chub,that i bumped off at the net.
The wind was building up now,blustery at times ,by 10pm i slipped my 5th barbel over the net with what looked like a damaged tail.

Could be otter damage.............................................

I decided to stay as late as long as the bites came coming,from 10 pm to 11pm the wind changed direction and it was drizzleing and to windy to put an umbrella up,the river was falling and by 11pm i hadnt had another bite,so i packed up.

A great evenings fishing and a shame the mild weather is coming to an end.I need to get my Pike head on,but for now i will see what happens come next week.

Tight Lines Bloggers