Saturday, 30 June 2012

3 Barbel 30th June 2012

Decided today to go to the river.I made my way down to the river looking at swims as i walked,i dropped into the first swim and noticed somebody had been there ,so decided to go to the swim i was in the other day.I set up both rods,one with open ended feeder,the other lead and pva bag.Hooklinks would be Braided on the feeder rod approx 14inches,the other would be 3ft length of flourocarbon.Hookbaits would be the same,Pellet.I hadnt been there that long when my right hand rod went,after a great fight,8 lb barbel on the dot.Next was my left hand rod and a nice trout came to the net.My next bite came on my right hand rod,another barbel i didnt weigh.Decided to take the braided hooklink off my feeder rod and change to a flourocarbon,same length.This produced a bite of a small chub.I had 2 more trout,then my right hand rod went,fish came off,as i was checking the hook,my left hand rod went,after another good fight a 5 lb 12 barbel came to the net.Turned out to be a great session and was really pleased.Till the next time.
8 lb Barbel,lovely fish and fought hard.

Didnt weigh this one,bad self take.

5lb 12.

This was my rig today,i did catch on a smaller hook than this one,just used as an example.

The calm before the thunder ,lightning and a heavy down pour.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

First River Session

Finally got out this evening on a new stretch of river .With all the rain we have had this was my first chance  to go.Tactics were pva bag and open ended feeder,hook bait pellet.i fished a total of 4 swims.Decided to stay in the first swim an hour and finally a nice take produced a Trout to pineapple pellet.I decided at 9pm to go back up river,found a nice comfy swim,unfortunatly it was now carrying more water and 5oz lead wouldnt hold bottom.Home time.Till the next time.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Coarse & Predator Charity Event 23 June 2012

Well were nearly there,its come round quick for our anual charity event in aid of royal manchester childrens hospital.we raised over £700 last year,this year we would love to raise a £1000.We will be holding a raffle on the day and have had great support again from local tackle shops to Dynamite Baits who have supported us really well again.The event will be held at Charity Farm Wigan Pond 4.we have 26 Anglers taking part.Fingers crossed the weather wil be kind.Everything is in place now and we should have a great day.I will report back with pictures and the winners,and yes hopefully the £1000 we need.
It turned out to be a great day.the fishing was difficult though.The results were as follows
1st Martin Owen 20 lb
2nd John Charlton 17 lb
3rd mike lunn 10 lb
We Managed to raise £803 and theres still money to come so we will have a £1000 easy,i will update the final total.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

River Season 2012

Well the 16th June is fast approaching.ive been preparing my tackle,bag ready,bait ready,rigs tied and reels spooled up.I will be fishing the River Ribble.Also a 3 day trip to another river with my mate Lee,but will post that when we return,anyway back to the tactics.Last year i fished Pellet and did well,this season i will be fishing the same method,the only difference will be i will be trying flavoured pellets and maybe boilie.Hook length material will be my favourites,e.s.p ghost in 10 and 12lb and my favourite Braid e.s.p striptease.I use a few different hooks,but sizes will be 8,10 and 12.Normally i fish a running lead and cage feeder.This year ill be using a inline lead on one rod and pva bag with pellet,on the other rod i will be fishing running lead and chain reactions.Im excited about the new season and will be trying for a double Barbel and a good Chub as my targets.Till the next time.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Fishing Local 5th June

Well a change of plans saw me fishing near home.Sandhole is a small water that holds some good tench,so how was i going to fish for them.Tactics were the pole 4x14 float size 16 hook and 6lb reflo straight through.I plumbed up two swims next to the lillies,one to the left and one to the right.kicked the swims off with a small ball of groundbait laced with dead maggot.was soon into roach and rudd,then the crucians turned up,after wading through the bits and bobs that followed i decided to fish the other swim to my right and fish worm,feeding chop worm and hemp.was soon into some good roach and rudd,skimmas and Bream,i hooked into a decent carp but it came off.Then all hell broke loose,float lifted and dropped,and was trying to stop the tench from going into the lillies,finally after a good fight i managed a good tench,in a swim that can produce quite a few.Had a good day,till the next time.

Monday, 4 June 2012

New Water 4th June 2012

Went to explore a new water that holds tench.Arrived at the water and set up,then disaster opened my bucket and my vitalin mix hadnt absorbed all the water,i added the groundbait i had taken with me,which was a small amount,this made no difference.So off back to the van,i had a bag of sonubaits ,thank god.Mixed that and added dead maggot and hemp.I built up a swim ,but just the odd beep.Decided to fish a rod closer in,with the bumble bee rig.Then had my first take.
My other rod was cast towards a pontoon,hookbait fake maggot corn rig.Decided to spomb a small amount of vitalin over the top,then about an hour later i had another take.

I was pleased with the captures,even though they werent Tench.Chris had two takes earlier on,but lost both fish,felt for him,but thats fishing.
This was the method loaded up with my mix,hookbait was a bloodworm pellet and a small piece of foam just inder the pellet,one of many i tried today.sometimes a change of hookbait produces a bite and can make a difference if your waters with this method with a low stock,remember your fishing for a bite.Till the next time.

Friday, 1 June 2012

The Method

So as we approach a long weekend,i will be getting out monday on a new water,in search of the illusive Tinca,s.Now things are starting to warm up im turning back to the method.i will be using the Drennan Method Feeders 35g,2 foot off leadcore to pin everything down and short hooklinks.Love this way off fishing,moulding the bait around the feeder,so its a nice aerodynamic egg shape.So whats the mix,well my base will be vitalin,a small amount of tiger fish groundbait to colour it.i will mix the vitalin with hot water and leave over night.Next day i will add the tiger fish,a couple of handfuls of Dynamite swim stim pellets,bag of hemp and dead maggot.Hook baits will be pineapple,halibut,bloodworm ,these 3 are all pellet, and corn.ive also got fake corn which ive soaked in a peach glug for nearly 12 months,so the plastic will take on the flavour.
Drennan 35g Feeder,these are strong and the only one,s i use,teamed up with 2-1/4 rods and a bait runner reel,will cast up to 100 yards with ease.