Friday, 1 June 2012

The Method

So as we approach a long weekend,i will be getting out monday on a new water,in search of the illusive Tinca,s.Now things are starting to warm up im turning back to the method.i will be using the Drennan Method Feeders 35g,2 foot off leadcore to pin everything down and short hooklinks.Love this way off fishing,moulding the bait around the feeder,so its a nice aerodynamic egg shape.So whats the mix,well my base will be vitalin,a small amount of tiger fish groundbait to colour it.i will mix the vitalin with hot water and leave over night.Next day i will add the tiger fish,a couple of handfuls of Dynamite swim stim pellets,bag of hemp and dead maggot.Hook baits will be pineapple,halibut,bloodworm ,these 3 are all pellet, and corn.ive also got fake corn which ive soaked in a peach glug for nearly 12 months,so the plastic will take on the flavour.
Drennan 35g Feeder,these are strong and the only one,s i use,teamed up with 2-1/4 rods and a bait runner reel,will cast up to 100 yards with ease.

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