Monday, 4 June 2012

New Water 4th June 2012

Went to explore a new water that holds tench.Arrived at the water and set up,then disaster opened my bucket and my vitalin mix hadnt absorbed all the water,i added the groundbait i had taken with me,which was a small amount,this made no difference.So off back to the van,i had a bag of sonubaits ,thank god.Mixed that and added dead maggot and hemp.I built up a swim ,but just the odd beep.Decided to fish a rod closer in,with the bumble bee rig.Then had my first take.
My other rod was cast towards a pontoon,hookbait fake maggot corn rig.Decided to spomb a small amount of vitalin over the top,then about an hour later i had another take.

I was pleased with the captures,even though they werent Tench.Chris had two takes earlier on,but lost both fish,felt for him,but thats fishing.
This was the method loaded up with my mix,hookbait was a bloodworm pellet and a small piece of foam just inder the pellet,one of many i tried today.sometimes a change of hookbait produces a bite and can make a difference if your waters with this method with a low stock,remember your fishing for a bite.Till the next time.

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