Saturday, 30 June 2012

3 Barbel 30th June 2012

Decided today to go to the river.I made my way down to the river looking at swims as i walked,i dropped into the first swim and noticed somebody had been there ,so decided to go to the swim i was in the other day.I set up both rods,one with open ended feeder,the other lead and pva bag.Hooklinks would be Braided on the feeder rod approx 14inches,the other would be 3ft length of flourocarbon.Hookbaits would be the same,Pellet.I hadnt been there that long when my right hand rod went,after a great fight,8 lb barbel on the dot.Next was my left hand rod and a nice trout came to the net.My next bite came on my right hand rod,another barbel i didnt weigh.Decided to take the braided hooklink off my feeder rod and change to a flourocarbon,same length.This produced a bite of a small chub.I had 2 more trout,then my right hand rod went,fish came off,as i was checking the hook,my left hand rod went,after another good fight a 5 lb 12 barbel came to the net.Turned out to be a great session and was really pleased.Till the next time.
8 lb Barbel,lovely fish and fought hard.

Didnt weigh this one,bad self take.

5lb 12.

This was my rig today,i did catch on a smaller hook than this one,just used as an example.

The calm before the thunder ,lightning and a heavy down pour.

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