Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Canals Part 2

Nipped out today at lunchtime from work to have a look at the canal nearby.It looks worth a try,have to speak to Lee see if he fancies a trip.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Maryland Cookies

A days Pike fishing is never complete without the double choc.

A Day Out With Duane

Well with chris not well and duane going to the same venue,it was time for a day out somewhere different.
we got there just after first light got set up and sat back.it wasnt long before Duane,s float dipped ,it started moving towards him,tightened up and fish on,put up a good fight and tailed walked over the net,second time round and she was in the net.weighed her,11lb,and full of leeches.i had a walk up and down during the day thowing mepps spinners no luck,i settled down for a coffee,when duane saw a swirl picked up my rod cast and fish on,bloody thief,lol.Bandy came down for a chat.we sat it out and i had no luck,we packed up and off to Paddy,s for a coffee.A good day out today with duane enjoyed it,till the next time.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Back to the Canal

 I rang Lee and said are we goin for a short session on the length of canal i looked at he said why not,so off we went today 25th Feb.Arrived at the canal,and our plan was a little thrown out of joint,a fence had been erected,due to work being carried out,so we worked our way back.At about 9 ish,lee,s float dipped,and after a good fight i slipped the net under a good double.Lee unhooked her,while i got the sling and scales,she went 15lb,well done mate.We moved round the bend and within an hour of lee,s fish i was in.Out of curosity i weighed her she went 6lb 8,never weigh them when there small,but was just curious.Well done to Lee.Both our fish today were caught on Smelt.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Esox World

An Exciting new online pike magazine.Yes and its free,just click the link and subscribe.

23rd February

Having no work on today i decided to go Fishing.I was undecided where to go,so when i got on the road i decided to go where i have unfinished buisness .I got set up and decided to fish Herring on straight ledger and paternoster with a mackeral.By lunchtime i was thinking id made the wrong swim choice,so kept working the rods.i had a run at 1-30 on lamprey,dropped the bait.at 2-30 the paternoster rod with smelt screamed off,dropped run.As the golden hour approached ,which is 3-30,i had a single beep,saw my dropper lift slightly and drop,so unclipped,felt the line,fish on,struck,felt good,pumped rod and the line went slack,Gutted.in the pictures above,mother nature played her part today,in warm winds and a very warm day,15 degrees.Till the next Time.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

777 Roll Arm

All the bits have come back from the machineist,will assemble them and post a picture.ive decided to call them the 777 Roll Arm Indicator.the add on weight i have added at the back is temporary,im hoping to get some carp add on weights,this will enable you to add or take away the weight required.I will be out this weekend testing them and will have some better pictures.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


When im fishing,im always looking for a picture to take.It can be anything,bird life,trees,rods,fish pictures whether it be mine or others captures,sunsets,shots of water movement,i could go on.i had a short session in december and took the robin shot,he lives in the bush next to the water,he comes out for food,always crush biscuits or throw bread.ive tried to snap this robin many times,but on this day sat there camera ready,the robin landed on my rod,had to zoom to get it,and i did.lol

Monday, 20 February 2012


Ive been looking at a stretch of canal near my house,managed to get a quick look today,nice stretch with 3 bridges,over hangin trees and a nice little bay.As the bay curves round as the canal straightens out,there is an area with access in between some houses,now this area will need a stealthy approach.so watch this space,a trip is on the cards.The trip is planned saturday with my mate Lee.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Coarse And Predator Website

If your interested i help out on this website and Fishing Forum,come take a look.

Sunday 19th February

Went to the new water today with a mate of mine Called Chris.We got to the water and i decided to fish A Popped up bait and a paternoster.Chris opted for one pike rod and the tip rod.wasnt long before chris was into the roach.Chris doesnt agree with live bait,but after a quick word about how far away the bus stop was,a roach was on the paternoster.chris had a run on the pike rod ,but nothing came of it.we packed up at 12-30 and headed to another water nearby.i had a screaming run on the paternoster,but never hit into the fish and somehow the pike robbed my bait.at  4 oclock chris,s float went and his first pike of 2012.
Well done chris,till the next time.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

New Water

Will be fishing a new water tomorrow.just made some new rigs up and ready to go.i will be finshing a sunken float paternoster and a popped up bait,so will give full report when i get back

Saturday 18th February

Fished a local water today,got there just after first light.Set up,then the heavens opened.So was trapped under my brolly fishing the shallow part of the water.Finally at 10-30,it stopped.Moved up two pegs,got both rods out,one close in with sardine.the other rod popped up herring.At 11,i had a drop back,hit into a pike of about 6 pounds,on the new rod aswell,yipeee.i moved a total of 5 times and had another pike of about 4 pound,at 13-45,again on popped up Herring,close in.Packed up at 4 and headed home,happy the blanking is over.i didnt have time to set the camera up on both occasions,so no pics.
Love this tree,looks scary

Friday, 17 February 2012

Short Session

I will be fishing here Tomorrow.Im just going for a short session ,probably till 2pm.Ive had this water as a back up to my Resovoir Trips,hopefully it will throw up a suprise.


Well ive been using the Fox Rear Drop off arms.Ive never been happy with the clips and looked at alternative drop offs but cant find anything ,so decided to make my own.So watch this space

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Dead Baits

Well the freezer is looking empty.So need to get out to Bolton Market Tomorrow for some fresh Deads.
Looking for Smaller Mackeral And Herring,believe there selling Roach,so maybe try some out.
Friday 17th February
So had  A Trip to Bolton Market,was very dissapointed,the mackeral were too big,sardines looked rank.settled for 4 Herring at £3-30 which i thought were expensive,i also invested in some sprats for a £1 a tray.Anyway off to BAS in Bolton,they have a good selection and as i was in bolton thought save some diesel.I came away with 2 small packs of Herring and a pack Of Mackeral,total cost of £6-08.So hopefully see a fish on the bank this weekend and try out smaller rather than large baits.


This is my New Drennan Esox Pike Flex 31/4 lb T.C,cant wait to get a fish on it,lovely to cast,goes well with my Diawa Emblems

Short Session

Well i went out today.not a good start,terry clip gave way on my drop-off,so cast the sardine out first.went in my rucksack and found a spare,thank god for that.Cast second rod out with a Lamprey and waited.Re casted a few times,and like i said id had 12 blanks,it turns out today was my 12th blank.So Back home for food and rest,Till the next Time

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

15th February

Only popped out for milk and a guy crashes into me,things are getting worse

15th February

Went today to my chosen Resovoir,Drove round to a new place i had not fished before,and found the water to be to shallow,so headed back round to where ive tried before.There was a good chop on the water and was looking good.Tried a variety of baits but nothing seemed to be working.Decided to pop one up and inject oils in the baits.Decided to pack in at 4pm,my 12th Blank.Need  A Pike LOL

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

14th February

Getting my gear ready,goin out in search of a Big Girl Tomorrow.I will be returning to fish the water above but will try a different location.