Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Day Out With Duane

Well with chris not well and duane going to the same venue,it was time for a day out somewhere different.
we got there just after first light got set up and sat wasnt long before Duane,s float dipped ,it started moving towards him,tightened up and fish on,put up a good fight and tailed walked over the net,second time round and she was in the net.weighed her,11lb,and full of leeches.i had a walk up and down during the day thowing mepps spinners no luck,i settled down for a coffee,when duane saw a swirl picked up my rod cast and fish on,bloody thief,lol.Bandy came down for a chat.we sat it out and i had no luck,we packed up and off to Paddy,s for a coffee.A good day out today with duane enjoyed it,till the next time.

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