Thursday, 23 February 2012

23rd February

Having no work on today i decided to go Fishing.I was undecided where to go,so when i got on the road i decided to go where i have unfinished buisness .I got set up and decided to fish Herring on straight ledger and paternoster with a mackeral.By lunchtime i was thinking id made the wrong swim choice,so kept working the rods.i had a run at 1-30 on lamprey,dropped the 2-30 the paternoster rod with smelt screamed off,dropped run.As the golden hour approached ,which is 3-30,i had a single beep,saw my dropper lift slightly and drop,so unclipped,felt the line,fish on,struck,felt good,pumped rod and the line went slack, the pictures above,mother nature played her part today,in warm winds and a very warm day,15 degrees.Till the next Time.

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