Thursday, 16 February 2012

Dead Baits

Well the freezer is looking empty.So need to get out to Bolton Market Tomorrow for some fresh Deads.
Looking for Smaller Mackeral And Herring,believe there selling Roach,so maybe try some out.
Friday 17th February
So had  A Trip to Bolton Market,was very dissapointed,the mackeral were too big,sardines looked rank.settled for 4 Herring at £3-30 which i thought were expensive,i also invested in some sprats for a £1 a tray.Anyway off to BAS in Bolton,they have a good selection and as i was in bolton thought save some diesel.I came away with 2 small packs of Herring and a pack Of Mackeral,total cost of £6-08.So hopefully see a fish on the bank this weekend and try out smaller rather than large baits.

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