Saturday, 25 February 2012

Back to the Canal

 I rang Lee and said are we goin for a short session on the length of canal i looked at he said why not,so off we went today 25th Feb.Arrived at the canal,and our plan was a little thrown out of joint,a fence had been erected,due to work being carried out,so we worked our way back.At about 9 ish,lee,s float dipped,and after a good fight i slipped the net under a good double.Lee unhooked her,while i got the sling and scales,she went 15lb,well done mate.We moved round the bend and within an hour of lee,s fish i was in.Out of curosity i weighed her she went 6lb 8,never weigh them when there small,but was just curious.Well done to Lee.Both our fish today were caught on Smelt.

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