Sunday, 29 April 2012

Fan Lodge Wigan

Well it was awful today,rain and wind,it was my only chance to get out,and weather has never been a problem with me when fishing is concerned.Tench were my tactics,maggot feeders and imitation maggot hook baits.But when i got there i decided to fish a rod for carp.i took a bucket with a pint of 4mm pellet,2 pints of hemp and a pint of dead maggot.i spombed out little and oten with my mini spomb,was really impressed with it.The weather got worse as the day went on and looked like i wasnt goin to catch,till the maggot feeder screamed off and after a short fight a nice 6lb 6 bream graced my net,turned out biggest catch off the day.
Was Relieved to say the least,the tench trail continues and putting a carp rod out aswell wont be happening again,un less i fish here,lol.

Just the perfect size the mini spomb,just holds enough for little and often,casts really well.
Till the next time.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Tench Rigs 27th April

Ive been messing round with a few hooks and have gone with these hooks,there a strong hook,and they turn really well .Last year when bream fishing i used the Korda wide Gape and Nash Fangx .
These imitation maggots are so like the real thing.i already had a few different ones,but have gone with these.

Now the hooklength material,i wanted a supple hook length material.i had bought this for a spot of carp fishing to do the KD rig.I have been using the e.s.p Striptease for bream and barbel and really like it.I will see how i go with the super natural and if im not happy with it,i will go back to the striptease.

Ive made 4 different rigs,the first is a D Rig,with 2 fake maggots and one fake caster,tied on a short
3 inch hooklength with a korda wide gape,this rig is different to the others due to the way the hook is positioned,im hoping when the fish sucks up the bait and feels the weight of the feeder,the hook will turn.
The other 3 rigs are 3 inches in length,size 14 Barbel hook,with various imitation maggots,2 hairs the same and one with a longer hair,will have to see which works the best,and hopefully catch some nice tench.
Drennan inline maggot feeder,just thread line through the feeder and tie with a palomar knot to the swivel.The swivel pushes inside the feeder and is just tight enough to make it a bolt rig.ive replaced the swivel with a j swivel.ive found these to be an easy way to connect and remove when the fish is netted .

Basically place your loop over the swivel and slide the rubber tubing over the loop

Slide the rubber over the loop and now you have the rig ready to use.Ive taped up the back end of the feeder so it releases the maggots slower,it takes 45-60 minutes for it too empty,so for a full days fishing you will need at least 2-4 pints of maggots,that depends on whether you want to feed maggots via spomb or spod.I am goin to spomb a mix out which will contain 4mm pellet,hemp and dead maggots.Well till the next time and hopefully some tench pics.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Feeder Fishing Challange 26th May 2012

Ive organised a feeder fishing match via coarse&predator forum.It will take place at Upper Rivington Horwich Bolton.Theres a twist though,its old school tactics,open ended,cage or maggot feeder only,baits incl,groundbait,maggot,caster,worm,corn,squats,pinkies ,no pellets or hair rigs allowed,just picked up the trophy,looking forward to this.Upper Rivvy is a drinking water resovoir,that feeds liverpool.Groundbait can only be introduced by a feeder.Theres Skimmers,Bream,Roach,Tommy Ruffe,Perch and Chub.

Sunday, 22 April 2012


With the weather being up and down,im really keen to get on the tench.I will post some rigs i will be using for them,maggot feeders being the main tactic.float fishing the other.till the next time

22nd April 2012 Beacon view Fishery

Decided to have a day out at a commercial water,Beacon View is in Appleby Bridge Wigan.Its an 1and a half acre lake,with 28 species of fish including sturgeon.we fished at the bottom of the lake due to a match being on,we were fishin into the wind ,which i wasnt happy about,but with the other bank being taken with other anglers,we pesevered,i went with my mate eddie,it was slow to start with for me on the feeder.eddie was soon into break and skimmers,good size aswell.i was soon into a common carp about a 1lb,then had plenty of bream and skimmers.we had some rain and hail,then it cleared up into a nice day.i went on the pole and had bream and skimmers.decided to fish the feeder for the last hour,more bream and a lovely mirror approx8-9lb mark.eddie ended the day with a nice ghostie,till the next time.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

My next Fishing Session

With this weather being up and down and cant make its mind up.My next sesion will be for bream and some ideas for my new tench rigs.Bream rigs will be the same this season .will post some pics and update this ,when ive decided where to go,till the next time.

Saturday 14th April C&P V,S BS

The draw was made and we headed to our pegs,it was a cold windy day,not perfect conditions.i set up and opened my pole holldal and all the sections were broke,must of got damaged in my van,anyways no time to now to get upset,set the feeder rod up,reel has jammed,what a day im having,always carry a spare,so get set up with a borrowed pole,which the elastic was too heavy,so relied on the feeder rod,casting regular working that feeder hard.i lost a good carp early on ,ran me in a snag.i caught 2 carp,1 chub and bream and skimmers for my total 15lb 5,which i was pleased with under the conditions.most people struggled with very low for the weigh in 34lb 12 coarse and predator .Breaking Surface 53lb 15.they had one good weigh in of 17lb 5,the rest were low ,but combined were enough to beat us for the second year.Looking forward to the next one.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Saturday 14th April 2012

Bradshaws 3,Coarse and Predator v,s Breaking Surface,10 Anglers per team.We have pegs 4-24.Hope the weather is ok.Trophy for the winner and a £100 pot money for the winners charity match,she be good.Will post results Saturday.

Saturday, 7 April 2012


Went today to have a practice on Bradshaws 3.we have a match against Breaking Surface 14th april.stuck with the prestons mathod feeder,inline,not elasticated one.caught loads on the tip rod,tried various hookbaits and was pleased.fished the pole,had 2 nice bream but nothing else.looking forward to the match next week.Till the next time.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Preston Method Feeder And Mould

This is the method i fish on the Tip rod.The feeders come in 15g 30g 45g,either inline or elasticated,with 3 different size moulds,small,large and x-large.i like to use the medium,with a 4inch hook length.
This is the medium method mould

Add the hookbait to the centre of the mould
I like to add a small of groundbait first in the hookbait in the centre of mould,cover with softened micro pellets and fill to the top of mould,now add the feeder,squeeze feeder firmly,turn over and push button to realease feeder from the mould,and hey presto a nice food parcel on a plate,what fish could resist this method,works on any water,try it ,but hold on ,when that tip pulls round it can be violent take.....

3 Sisters

Went back today,was cold this morning,lovely mist as i arrived on the water.decided to take the tip rod today aswell as the tench gear.had loads of bites.Best fish off the day was a 3lb 9oz chub,went to do a self take and realised id not got the adapter for camera,so balanced my camera on my flask,lol.noticed light was flashing,so took one pic,then the camera powered off,picture isnt great.No tench just a perch on the float gear.Anyways a new pb chub,really pleased.till the next time.