Sunday, 29 April 2012

Fan Lodge Wigan

Well it was awful today,rain and wind,it was my only chance to get out,and weather has never been a problem with me when fishing is concerned.Tench were my tactics,maggot feeders and imitation maggot hook baits.But when i got there i decided to fish a rod for carp.i took a bucket with a pint of 4mm pellet,2 pints of hemp and a pint of dead maggot.i spombed out little and oten with my mini spomb,was really impressed with it.The weather got worse as the day went on and looked like i wasnt goin to catch,till the maggot feeder screamed off and after a short fight a nice 6lb 6 bream graced my net,turned out biggest catch off the day.
Was Relieved to say the least,the tench trail continues and putting a carp rod out aswell wont be happening again,un less i fish here,lol.

Just the perfect size the mini spomb,just holds enough for little and often,casts really well.
Till the next time.

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