Sunday, 1 April 2012

Preston Method Feeder And Mould

This is the method i fish on the Tip rod.The feeders come in 15g 30g 45g,either inline or elasticated,with 3 different size moulds,small,large and x-large.i like to use the medium,with a 4inch hook length.
This is the medium method mould

Add the hookbait to the centre of the mould
I like to add a small of groundbait first in the hookbait in the centre of mould,cover with softened micro pellets and fill to the top of mould,now add the feeder,squeeze feeder firmly,turn over and push button to realease feeder from the mould,and hey presto a nice food parcel on a plate,what fish could resist this method,works on any water,try it ,but hold on ,when that tip pulls round it can be violent take.....

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