Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Bream Fishing 24-6-16

On Saturday me and Eddie decided to have a day on jumbles resovoir in Bolton.
I prepared the mix 50/50 of Sonubaits bream feeder and Sonubaits super crush green.Maggots would be the hook baits as someone forgot the corn.We was going to try a new area but with my back the last week we took the option to fish pikers wall .Too cut a long story short Eddie lost more feeders than he caught fish,this area can be brutal , but fishing close in isn't the answer .I fished 40 yards out.
The morning , love that view.
My set up, the sun came out.
A small shower interupted play but didn't last long . Bites were slow I had caught 4 skimmers up to now and then a small perch.
Bright skies now and I managed a few more smaller bream, Eddie wasn't impressed at all and said he wouldn't fish here again till the water dropped its level.
Did I say earlier I love the view. With Eddie not fishing now I carried on fishing 
And caught a few more small bream before a perch over a pound graced my net.
A nice perch to end the session . Total score Browny 9 Brocky 2 minus 4 feeders so his score was -2 .
Can be a graveyard out there , lots of ledges and need to get your feeder up quick.
Tight lines .

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