Monday, 6 June 2016

Local Match 6-9 pm

Good news is Eddie got the all clear from his tests and just needs two Radiation sessions now so we went to the match tonite.A new water we havnt fished before, 11 anglers this week .I drew peg 16 a nice open water peg and a kinder peg than Eddie Drew.
View from my peg, tactics method feeder and pellet wag tonite for me.I spent the first hour just getting the odd liner and nothing to show for my tactics so I switched to the pellet wag, plenty carp out there, but no cigar until I changed depth to 18 inches and bang a nice mirror of 3 lb.I just couldn't get them going and as the evening cooled down I switched back on to the method.
Eddie in his swim, he got smashed in the reeds to the left and after that no more bites .
My bottom bait feed, micros and a dumbel  pellet .It was real hard work tonite and I wish I'd fished the pole.
1st 60lb
2 21 lb
3 19lb
Great weights on a warm evening.Enjoyed being out even if the fishing was hard for me.Till the next Time.

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