Sunday, 27 September 2015

3 Foot Twitches 25 September 2015

Well with my van sorted and my last river session ended in disaster with the river being out of soughts
With weed being the main problem I headed back up there Friday night knowing that the traffic on the way up there would see me not having long to set up and get the rods out before Darkness Falls.
I arrived at my swim ,I fished one rod on pellet and feeder,the other on a bomb,bag and a boillie.
It was round about 7-30 I had a vicious rap on my boillie rod.At 8 pm I re cast both rods and waited.
At around 8-30 I had a vicious 3 foot twitch,fish on ......
Just a splasher,a fish I've caught a few times,look at the tail,fell to Boillie.
I had too wait till about 9 pm for my next bite,another vicious pull round,fish on.
A lot bigger than my last one,fell to Pellet.
As I was re casting my rod due to catching,I re cast both rods to get some more bait out there.
It was round about 9-45 I had the most vicious take of them all,nearly pulled my rod in,after some fantastic runs,I netted her at the second attempt,I turned my torch on to look in the net and thought,it's a double or was it a usual 9 plus that I'd been catching.
10.4 and a new PB,well chuffed.
I packed up at 11-15 as the river was dropping and as I hadn't any more action I thought,can't get any better than my first Ribble  Double ,so I headed home,straight into roadworks that took an hour to get through,wasn't well pleased.
Tight lines bloggers,till the next time.........

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