Monday, 2 March 2015

Wild & Windy 1-3-15

Sunday was the chosen day to go fishing.The weather forecast was gale force winds and chance of a shower of two.I set up in a different swim,one rod cast to a feature,the other rod a couple of rod lengths out.Bait would be lo worms,red maggots in the feeder with chopped worm.Once I'd set up I could sit back and relax and wait,pour a coffee and take in the view.It wasn't long before I had a beep on the margin rod,bobbin lifted steadily,fish on,a perch of 8 oz.I carried on trickling the maggots in little and often ,yet again the margin rod was off,this time the fish came off.

By now the wind had picked up and was playing hell with the alarms,I had two runs one after the other on the feature rod,I re cast,seconds later,fish on ,a nice perch of 1 lb.
Pleased with this one,it wasn't long before my margin rod was off again and another perch about 8oz.
All the action was from 9-30 till 11pm,at about 1pm the rain came,shelter up .
Was the rain had stopped,I re castes both rods and at 3pm I had a positive take on the feature rod ,it felt a good fish,then all of a sudden ,the fish came up and it wasn't a perch.
Nice winter bream,that crashed the perch party,I stayed till dusk,no more action.
Till the next time,tight lines .

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  1. Nice fishing Pete in what sound like difficult conditions. Hope the 3lber comes soon